DCS Update Timed Out Message

Every time I hit the updater, I’m getting this message. Anybody got any insight? Help, I want to fly the Tomcat tonight!

EDIT: …and the repair timed out in the same way…

Hmm…is it that magic bubble hour where a lot of the U.S. starts hitting the bandwidth in that 5-9PM area as people get home across the time zones maybe?

Can you ping www.digitalcombatsimulator.com or even something like srv18update.digitalcombatsimulator.com ?

The autoupdate_log.txt contains update diagnostics in the install directory I believe.

e:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\autoupdate_log.txt

Sixth time was the charm, and I eventually was able to ping the update server. Not sure why I was getting terribly long times, but it’s installing now. Thanks!


You see, the internet is like a series of tubes…

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… But the missile knows where it isn’t and by subtracting where it isn’t from where it should be, it knows where to go.

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