DCS VEAO NH-90 Helo Announcement


Hmm, a North Atlantic map would be good for this…

As a rotor head…this excites me tremendously!

It does sound exciting. I think the NH-90 is pretty much 100% glass cockpit as well? Not sure…

This sexy beast makes me long for a DCS CH-47.

Glass cockpit… That will greatly simplify cockpit builder’s work :smile:

I wish we could have the ASW version, with some ASW action in DCS. Naval ops is still deadly empty in DCS. Map is 3/4 water but they is nothing inside to make some fresh Sushi.

*ASW : Anti-Submarine Warfare.
*PS: First post here. Looks like a nice place to stay :wink:


Really looking forward to this as well. Guess I am turning into a rotorhead :slight_smile:

Holy…That’s a sexy beast. Can it fly itself? Because I still can fly the other three helos.