DCS Videos

Nice professional vid by @Clutch.


Had the thought the othder day…is there a DCS (or any sim for that matter) video award?

Maybe we should start one? ‘“Mudder” Award’ (Emmy is taken I hear).

Just a random thought.


I don’t know about professional but thanks :smile:

I was hoping to capture at least one circuit in the Marshal but in order to time things with the AI launches I had to do the comms way out of order.

I agree, they were great!
Is it the playback that kills the hook/wire and noswheel animation?

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Kinda. HB hasn’t animated the hook movements on trapping yet. A lot of the other weird movement is because of DCS wacky net-code. Animations from the client replay track are buttery smooth, but carrier starts and anything Tomcat doesn’t play back correctly, so I have to use server tracks for the external shots. Cockpit shots are all live.

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I tried refueling in the Viper, went okay:

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