DCS Viggen with New 2.1 Lighting

I think this is definitely worth sharing here.

From: Redirecting...


You can even see the scratches on the canopy…

Bloody Simulation gods… :open_mouth:


I want the F5 to look also that good!

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The new DCS 2.1 World platform ‘specular bidirectional reflectance distribution function’ graphic’s (BRDF) shading model, before we all jump in with that :slight_smile:


TL;DR - makes things look really nice and shiney.

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I love the bare metal finish!


Praised specular bidirectional reflectance distribution function!!

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Holy snappin duckpoo batman!!! could you imagine an F111 in that lighting

Fwooooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrr. :f111:

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Coming to a pc near you next Friday. I bet the screen shot thread gets hammered :smile:

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cant wait to see that in 4k … O_O

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