DCS Viper Configuration Damage

Anyone know if they’ve modeled config stress damage in the Viper; going too fast for instance with CAT3 loadout and such?

I pulled off a range target (2 wing tanks and 4 x Mk-82’s remaining) and tried to turn back and look (in VR, fiddling with the zoom). Was messin with something and left it in burner. Heard a ‘crunchy’-like sound. Kinda like when you smash a [empty!] beer can into your forehead. Noticed I was at 535 knots. Ooops.

Then it just felt ‘odd’. Not like having your underwear on backwards kinda odd. Not that much. More like your socks on backwards. Seemed to fly just a tiny bit off-kilter. Trim was fine. No warning lights.

I know BMS does this but I didn’t think DCS had gotten around to it. Did I miss this? Or was it the beer?

[Edit: Found this: Added damage as a result of an overload of G-forces] in change log but it’s been there a since 2.5.xxx-somethng. Maybe I’ve just been too smooth until now? Doubt it.]



I don’t think they have this yet. Probably the beer. :wink: