DCS VR Dogfighting Labels


Recently in the Spitfire I find it hard to see flying things like enemy planes in VR, basically due to the resolution of the headset and them refusing to keep still, despite running at 2.0 oversampling.

This labels mod helps a lot:

I edited it a little to put the labels of both enemy/friendlies aircraft as a grey dot over a certain range:

ColorAliesSide = {127, 127, 127}
ColorEnemiesSide = {127, 127, 127}

It only does aircraft, and only over a 2000 metres range.

Also, place it in your user config ‘Saved Games’ folder rather than editing the DCS files direct so it survives updates. For me that’s:

C:\Users\fearlessfrog\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\View\

You might need to create the \View folder to put the Labels.lua in it. Oh, plus enable labels. A Single Player thing only I’d guess.


Do you know if there is any way to rescale the labels? Since they overhauled the labels a few patches ago, I find they’re way too big, but I didn’t see anything in the new label file that lets you decrease their size.

I don’t. The labels in the above config just appear as a single dot/period character though, with no other info, so it is basically the best visual aid that at the least gives a clue where things are in VR.

I read that oversampling or increasing pixel density isn’t your friend when it comes to seeing targets. Evidently because OS/PD renders a higher res picture that then is shrunk to VR res. And in the shrinking process, small details like a few pixels big, actually disappears. Whereas if the picture is rendered in native VR res, the small object that would be a few pixels big in the higher res OS/PD picture will have to be rendered as at least one pixel, and thus still be visible in VR view.
Make sense to me… I run at 1.5 pixel density with the Rift. Can’t say I see much benefit going above that. Just a performance drop. Once I build me a beefier PC maybe :wink:

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I tried this mod last with @fearlessfrog’s gray settings night and although the jury is still out, it might be a good compromise for VR users who can’t stand tags. I forgot to use the Pause, F10 map, and the distance measuring tool to check distances, but it seemed about right. Need to get into a gunfight for final approval though. See if I can survive 5 mins Sabre vs. MiG-15. Am I correct seeing more of a smear that a dot? My PD is 1.8 with ASW set to auto.

I flew a couple of hours of Sabre vs. MiG-15 furball with my Rift yesterday and really like the labels setup this way. I also began tinkering with the colors and eventually settled on what most would call cheating, good guys blue, bad guys red. But when the furball collapses, the tags go away anyway, so you are back to MK I eyeball. Challenging in aircraft which basically have the same silhouette, this just gets you in the furball faster. Call it a Sabre or MiG BFM chop builder. Favorite practice mission is Hunter Becomes the Hunted.

If anyone wants to try these…

ColorAliesSide = {255, 0, 0}
ColorEnemiesSide = {0, 0, 255}

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why is allies spelled incorrectly?

It’s coded that way.

I know. It just bothers me.

Oh lord…don’t tell them to fix it or it will break the entire DCS World. I’m still trying to work through when they changed one of the paths from “aircrafts” to “aircraft”…

If they would fix the pixel enhancement, labels wouldnt be needed anymore. But thats broke now too and has been for a while. Medium was a good compromise for air and ground targets.

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Can’t wait to try this tonight. Hung up my Rift for a couple weeks while I was working on some other projects…but ready to dive into learning the Mi-8 and start that new campaign…