DCS VR performance.

I’ve read reports of better VR performance in DCS, post update
I updated, used @SkateZilla’s updater utility and cleaned out and repaired the DCS open beta installation, to make sure kegetys shader mod was removed.

It seems like there is a noticeable performance increase in VR now, even without the shader mod.

I definitely found an overall improvement and spotting seems a little easier certainly with airborne targets. I tried to increase MSAA to x4 but although I can get away with it on the gulf map FPS is too low in Normandy

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Normandy hasnt been optimized to current standards, and has suffered from poor FPS since release.

Been experimenting this morning with my O+ and different SteamVR settings and pixel density settings in DCS. Overall…performance with the latest DCS version seems really good. Everything from load times to in game performance seems better. I hate that I don’t measure these things to provide real data, but it definitely seems more optimized. Debating now on whether to use the shaders mod so that I can further bump up more settings in the graphics sliders, or whether I should just stop fiddling and start playing…LOL…

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I have postponed the shader mod, for now. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried the C-101CC yet? Man…I’m in love…! :heart:

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No… I thought the L-39C would cover that light attack/trainer need. That sale still on? :thinking:

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I have to admit…the reason I love it so much is the familiarity of the western feeling cockpit. I can envision just shooting instrument approaches and playing around with the bombs and rockets. I’m really happy to see this module reach near full maturity with the flight model and CC version being added.


Agreed it’s a great aircraft and the flight model makes it much nicer to fly. We should try out the mp compatabilty sometime

Curse you, @BeachAV8R!

I see why you like it…
Wish someone installed an engine in it, instead of that leafblower. But underpowered is fun! Need to plan ahead. And what a floater! She likes to stay in the ground effect, it seems. :salute:

And why hasn’t anybody made a VR-camera adapter, to make VR photography easier…? :vr:


Looks like the DCS VR improvements are still being worked on. Really looking forward to what they do here, as mods etc are a bit of a pain sometimes.


Haha…I thought the same thing. I ran the quick mission where you are loaded with bombs and rockets, advanced the throttle, and had to check to see if maybe my brakes were mapped with backwards axis. You can read a good portion of War and Peace prior to V1…


Ok, if this was a general optimization, good things await!
Also, did the clouds change? I think they look better. Not that 360° twisting billboards anymore. I mean, they are billboards, and they do twist. Just not as bad as before,…

2.5.4 introduced some under the hood changes to the sim’s assets management. This should have had a affect on loading times and in flight assets spooling.

But VR will continue to be tweaked, specially with Vulkan on the way.