DCS VR Shaders Mod (now with instructions!)



As it’s update day again, and have to reapply this, I thought about using some command line voodoo to start a DCS mission in each map, to build the cache and save having to do it manually. The problem is then how to, in mission script, exit the mission and then exit DCS to load the next map. I suppose I could fire a maverick E in the Harrier and make it crash? :wink:

Actually, I suppose I could just put it on a timer and kill DCS, sort of how a server recycles itself once a day etc.

Not sure it’s worth it though.


Is exiting/reloading DCS a precondition? If not this is actually pretty easy. Make a mission, have a single trigger set to fire when TIME IS MORE than, like, 30 seconds, as its action load the next mission which you’ve put on another map. This could all be done in the mission editor sans script.


Cool. I’ll do that now. Follow up questions:

  • I guess I can start the first mission in the chain with a dcs.exe mission1.miz cmdline or something?

  • I can wrap the four missions in a single file, i.e. take the .miz files and put it in a zip or something, like campaign, if I want to upload it here but not in four mission files?

EDIT: In single player without changing my network.cfg etc I get hit by the ‘Pause’ dialog that would stop the next mission load, oh well.


There is a new version out (has been for a while actually), it’s in the first post of the ED thread.

Just today I was having trouble with VR software and decided to check for an update.


Thank You,I missed this.


Updated the first post with the script by @fearlessfrog , the latest version of the mod and a guide on installing and running DCS updates for regular and OVGME users

Also, Mr. Frog made it a wiki so I could do this and everybody (including you!) can help keep it up-to-date!


Thanks @Freak - this mod is pretty much essential for me with DCS and VR, so good that we’ll all keep it up-to-date.


Updated for clarity, thanks to feedback from a confused virtual squad member.


One DCS Hornet specific clarity tip - mod the font used in the MFDs, makes it much clearer in VR resolutions:

DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\Multipurpose_Display_Group\Common\indicator\MDG_strokesDefs.lua

stroke_thickness = 0.8
stroke_fuzziness = 0.5

stroke_thickness = 0.4
stroke_fuzziness = 0.2



I’ve been using this one and it seems to be working pretty well.


Yep, does the same thing. Opening up that mod, the values it uses are:

stroke_thickness = 0.9
stroke_fuzziness = 0.15

– Currently is used for DMC generated fonts black outline
DMC_outline_thickness = stroke_thickness * 1
DMC_outline_fuzziness = stroke_fuzziness * 1
DMC_stroke_thickness = 1.5
DMC_stroke_fuzziness = 0.15

Those settings are nicer I think, although there is another change in there to put the middle MFD to red, that I don’t like so much.


Hmm, I wonder if this hotfix today doesn’t include any shader modifications then I might just be able to:

  • Rename my existing shaders folder
  • Copy back the original ‘shaders’ folder under Bazaar that I kept
  • Update DCS with the hotfix
  • Unrename my mod’d shaders
  • ?
  • Profit?

I’ll give it a go, as it might save time. Of course, it might be a terrible idea, but one way to find out. If I had an easy way to see which files were changed before applying the update then this would be smarter, but I’ll just dumb it out to see if it works. Worse case I can repair and reapply mod.

EDIT: Oops, I guess I should have backed up these first as well. Oh well:


EDIT2: Seems to work ok.


Good idea! I will try this method too when I update DCS, see if it works for me.

Still I think I remember ‘surviving’ some updates with modded shaders without doing anything. So it may depend on which files are touched by the update.
I.e. it works once =/= it works everytime


Trying this for the first time. I have a question. What are the metashaders to be removed?
The instructions say:
“- Remove terrain metacaches. For example:
rename those directories to dcs.old or similar.”

When I go to i.e. Mods/Terrain/Caucasus/misc/metacache, There is a folder named dcs and a notepad file. The dcs folder has a bunch of files inside.
Am I to delete the files in the folder or the notepad file?
Witch file am I to rename dcs.old?
I hope my question is clear. I will wait to do this as I don’t want to screw up the game.




Download the script by fearlessfrog and edit the DCS and saved games locations using Notepad. Afterward, run it (as admin?) and it will delete the relevant files



Thank You Freak,
Did the deed. Gobs of performance! But seems a little more grainy… Is it just me? Don’t get me wrong, DEFENETLY worth the performance. This runs way faster than before.
Are we still not running no AA in VR with DCS?
What are we setting AF in game at? I got mine maxed out at 16x.
The battle never ends, performance vs eye candy.

Thank you for this guys!


MSAA is now only applied to the center of you view, as defined in the HMD.hlsl or something like that. The same file you edited the masksize in to prevent distortion along the edges of your FOV


Do I need to enable MSAA in game now?


You can, if you want. Should cost less framerate now you have the mod applied. You can check the mod is working by looking at your desktop mirror image. It should be a circle with only distortions outside that circle


Ok cool… can’t wait to get home and try