DCS VR Shaders Mod (now with instructions!)



Have any of y’all had severe load time increases with DCS lately? For about a week it has taken ten minutes just for the program to start. No issues once I’m in, just that initial boot.


I’ve not seen that. Could be a graphics driver change or some other hardware tweak? I know DCS likes to rebuild the shaders cache per map if you even look at it funny, and that’s the bit that tends to take the time.


Honestly, I think it’s time for the old operating system wipe and reinstall…


I’m loving it. Seems like it took a while before it started to look better. Then it just took off. I tried the Bug, the Saabre and MiG-15. The clarity of the pits is amazing and I can pick up bogeys a Lot better. Great Mod.


Just remember that it does not work well with NVGs: you won’t see **** through your green goggles with this mod applied. I just don’t want you to plan a night flying mission with >10 people and then only discover that you should have turned off this mod once you are finally in the air in formation and have already spent 40 minutes on the ground waiting for others’ technical issues. :frowning_face: I did not fly that mission


LMAO OK. Thank you. I don’t fly nights. My eyes are older than the rest of me. But the mod was amazing today. Having a blast.w the Hornet and Sabre. I want to see the Mig 21… Uhmmmm… got to go


The MiG-21 is the most convincing aircraft that this mod is worth the effort. The Bis looks the awesome. Had a good little play in it today and I did not want to go to work. The gauges were readable. No more leaning and zooming in. Im impressed.


Hey @fearlessfrog - you initially wrote this awesome guide (I just did all the steps on a clean install) on the Rift. Did you change the mask_size with the O+ or are you leaving it at the default setting?


I just left it was I had it for the Rift and it seems to work ok:

In the file:

X:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\shaders\deferred\_HMD.hlsl

I changed Line 2 to be:

#define MASKSIZE 0.625f

…before rebuilding all the shaders up by starting DCS.

Just a heads-up - it can take quite a while for DCS to start and then to enter the map the first time - lots of recompiling.

As you’ve got a 1080, you probably will be able to use the MSAA bits as well (the mod just applies them to the bits you can see rather than everything, making it perform better). I didn’t experiment with MSAA_Masksize, but that is another value to play with.


Oh man…DCS World is fabulous now…! I should have done a clean-up, move to SSD, and reapplication of the shaders mod long ago. And it looks great in the O+. I’m still getting a very occasional drop to the Steam VR “idle” screen for a second or two every so often when a texture loads. I can’t pin it down why that is. It is slightly distracting, but not game killing.


Could be your DCS settings Preload Radius size, try bringing it down to about 50% - that is the usual cause?


Soooooo- you’re not going to use your Oculus anymore, right? Right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t used it as yet, as not a competitive MP guy (insert trigger word AirQuake! here -> …) but here’s the mod with a few things added back in to make it pass the DCS Server integrity check:


I don’t know what performance is lost if any, but figured it might be useful for people looking for a IC friendly version.


Is it normal for this mod to whitewash the terrain? I just updated DCS, flew around NTTR and noticed how much depth all the colors had but my FPS wasn’t great. So I put the mod back on, same mission, and it’s almost like the terrain is at way too high of a gamma setting.


Not noticed that, but then I’ve been using it for a while and might just be used to it. It does change the look for sure. Can you alter your in-game gamma options to compensate - you can do that from within a flight on the fly, no need to restart?


Yes, with the Gamma slider and it didn’t require a restart. It’s still a different appearance than before I enabled the shader mod though.


It’s why I don’t run this mod, despite my system sorely needing it. It just looks too bad. I couldn’t get used to it.


I can’t say I see much difference…?
Big difference in performance, but little to no difference in quality.


This is also the reason why it does not work with the NVGs. People like me and Troll don’t notice that the modified shaders sacrifice some of the terrain colour and detail, until we try to use NVGs in-game and the mountains are suddenly flat black areas with no trees, no detail, nothing visible to judge distance.


Is there any easy way to tell, after updating DCS, whether the shader mod is still applied?