DCS VR - SteamVR has encountered a critical error


I’m not sure what it is but I’ve getting a few more ‘SteamVR has exited with a critical error’ issues in DCS. I’m flying along happily and then it crashes out of VR and leaves DCS running, but back to Windows WMR home in the headset. I tried rolling back to SteamVR non-beta but it keeps happening.

I really don’t want to, because I like this mod, but I’m going to have to try with it removed to see if it helps.

Anyone else have any issues?

EDIT: These posts were moved from the Reshade in VR so originally thought to do with that - the crash happens on a clean DCS etc, so not related.

EDIT 2: I think WMR reprojection was crashing because I had G-SYNC enabled on my 4K 60Hz monitor. When I turned that off the SteamVR crashes seemed to stop. Hope that helps someone else.

Not with this mod but, well, now that you mention it, yes. Last couple of weeks. But it’s intermittent

Seems like it’s happening when something transitions in the sim, meaning; (and I know this is vague but), it never happens when I’m just cruising along. Last 3 flights went fine but 2 outta 3 a few days ago crashed about 20+ minutes in with that error. Note this is with the VRShader mod in place also. Just not happening enough, yet (crossing fingers) to make me revert.

Yeah, I feel the same - it could be 20 mins or 40 mins (but never just at the start) and then it crashes out. It could be the VR shader mod too I guess, but feel more people would have reported it. There’s lots of moving parts of the driver (v457.30), WMR for SteamVR beta, SteamVR beta and then DCS, plus this mod and then the VR shader mod. It could take a while to track it down to a definitive reason as it takes quite a while to happen sometimes.

I just did 20 minutes in DCS without this mod (but the VR shader) and it didn’t crash out. I did have to leave because the MP server was cycling, but so far so good. I really missed the clarity it gave down low though. I’m kind of hoping I get a crash without using it, so I can put it back on.

Come to think of it, I did have one CTD in DCS while in VR the other night, but don’t remember if the was pre or post ReshadeVR usage. I didn’t investigate since it was the first in a very long time.

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Does this happen in both SP and MP? I haven’t noticed any problems, but I haven’t put that much time into each session.

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Worked fine on my end, but after a two (three?) month VR hiatus I’m easing back in so only a couple of short fights so far.


Just MP since the clarity mod.

My current theory is that it’s not this mod and I’m just running out of VRAM on my 8GB 2080 on Syria map using the PD 0.5 and SteamVR 500%. The end resolution is huge and something is crashing out in that area.

I’m going to try going back to PD1.0 and 150% and disconnect external monitors while in VR (the Win + P trick) as that helps a bit. I’ll then leave it in-game to try to make it crash, perhaps F2 cycling in DCS to give it lots to load.

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Le Sigh

So DCS just keeps running happily, and it’s the SteamVR that crashes out, disconnecting the headset.

This was with the ReShade VR on, at PD 1.0, 150%, about 7.6GB VRAM and just sat in the cockpit after about 20 minutes. So much for the VRAM theory. :1st_place_medal:

So I’ve had one good run for about 20 mins without ReShade applied on this server and one crash with it on.

Next steps I think I’ll try removing the DCS VR mod (the specific DCS one for Bazar etc), with a clean repair and see if that helps.

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Only 999 theories to go…
Do you have enough beer?

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So far it seems like theory #2 of #NaN is doing ok. I cleaned DCS, reapplied this Reshade mod and have been sat in a server in VR just looking at other units flying, doing start ups, trying to remember how to do a VOR fix in a Huey etc.

Lasting much longer than attempt #1, so so far so good.

I might be the case that the two mods together cause an issue. Not sure (obviously). :slight_smile:

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Ah, come on guy, help a rescue pilot out a bit please…

Not sure how long to ‘soak test’ this, the server is empty so I don’t think I’m doing any harm, plus left Guard on the UHF on SRS if anyone wants to shout at me for idling etc.

Might go make a sandwich. :sandwich:

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Sad trombone sounds

So next up is a test just with no mod, as maybe it’s just part of the Jenga Tower of SteamVR/WMR/Nvidia/DCS and not really this mod (sounding a bit desperate now…)


So, how about letting it sit in SP, to see if it’s MP related.

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Waited 30 mins, and got a crash again. :violin:

So the good news is it is not any of the VR mods, it’s just SteamVR/WMR/Nvidia and DCS all clean having a crash on that server.

@Troll, yep, good idea I’ll try it just in Single Player. If it is that server/mission and MP then it’s a bit odd, as I’d expect a DCS crash or complaint, but this is just the vrserver.exe of SteamVR crashing out. If you’re mid flight the headset goes blank and then back to WMR home, and DCS just happily carries on playing (meaning I now have an awful lot of ‘You crashed, you may suck’ stats on that SAR server now).

If I was really determined (I am now wavering) I could try going back to SteamVR non beta, WMR for SteamVR non beta and perhaps even DCS non open-beta. Still a lot of combinations…

I was hoping it was a mod like this because otherwise more people would be having issues, or we’d at least be reading about them? I’ll have a peek over the ED forums to see…

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Looks just to be general DCS instability in SteamVR.

Looks like trying different SteamVR or WMR for SteamVR versions isn’t worth it, it happens anyway.

Are you guys that are getting these crashes running the Beta of both Steam VR and WMR for Steam VR?

No matter which version. I’ve had those steamvr crashes since ~august/september and i’ve had almost all possible versions during that time.


Last post on the topic was March 26

Ok, I gave it a go… the conclusion would be, I’m hanging up the towel for a year, again… Unfortunately this product brings more frustration than enjoyment, I gave it up for 6 months and didn’t regret it, I guess I’m going to do it again. I’m a little tired of the applause at the size of the changelogs when 90% of it is bug fixes, and I’ve never seen so many bugs in any game every 30 days. Anyways… for those who are interested and want to continue the pain, my findings:

Doesn’t look like it’s getting looked at because it’s hard to reproduce quickly. It does look like it is VRAM related but just DCS brain-farting when shuffling textures.

Maybe the upcoming 2.7 will help out on this. Will check back then May-ish, but in the interim no SAR for me :crying_cat_face:

But this problem just manifested itself, on your end, right?

Yes, it did come on suddenly, because I didn’t play DCS for 4 months. :slight_smile:

If it’s VRAM and texture copy bugs then reading the topic at the ED forums it seems related to things that exacerbate that, so things to increase the odds of it happening:

  • Syria map

  • Having a GPU with 8GB rather than 24GB of VRAM.

  • Hitting the F10 map in DCS (that allocates about 1GB of VRAM to itself).

  • Having a complex mission like the SAR one that might throw DCS into a loop through scripting.

So there’s a memory leak or freeze in DCS and if it’s under load (say in MP, but it happens in SP too) then it’ll crash the SteamVR or Oculus runtime out.

I could probably use the Caucaus map in single player, do things to scrap back VRAM (disconnect displays etc) and it would last over an hour or so - long enough for a lot of people not to notice.

Take a look through that ED topic, it’s a pretty good one, with pretty much every combination tried e.g. not just a SteamVR alone or single computer issue.

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That’s about as long as I have been using Steam VR with DCS…

In the ED forum topic, VR headsets Index and Oculus users talk about it happening as well, so it seems something that happened from about October 2020 until now in DCS, regardless of headset. It seems like Reverb users will see it more often, as they have higher resolutions, same with the Syria map.

I might try the Caucasus SAR map, with all the mods back on, it might do better. It is a bit discouraging though to fly a 30 min rescue mission and then have DCS just crap out randomly. It needs stability even if it looks worse.

The ED testers have seen it, but like my list above sort of illustrates, it isn’t an easy recreate so hard to give developers a hard sequence of steps to be able to fix.

Yeah, problems like these are not just annoying…

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