DCS:W 1.5 and 2.0 question

So with the 2.0 Alpha being out, and NTTR being payware, What is the plan for the two working versions of DCS? I know its on their forums somewhere, but frankly I really can’t be bothered to filter thru all the whining that goes on there to find the info…and I’m really bad at keeping up with current events.

Is the updated stuff in 1.5 and more specifically the old Caucasus map moving to DCSW 2? I would hope so, otherwise that ‘open door’ accessiblity of the ‘free’ DCS World getting players into a complicated sim without major finiancial outlay is basically closed. Seems silly to kill a draw like that.

I have quite a few friends who are hesitant to buy into NTTR for lack of content and missions, or don’t want to either have 2 different installs of DCS on the PC or just aren’t ready to drop the cash for Nevada.

1.5 is the old terrain engine with the new rendering engine.

2.0 is the new terrain engine that will be used on all subsequent maps.

The caucus map is very old, and does not play nice with the new terrain engine. ED is currently working to update it. At such a time as that is complete, the caucuses will be rolled into 2 and 1.5 will be discontinued

I figured thats what they were going to do. Just seemed kind strange to be losing that ‘free to play’ option they had.

My understanding is there was a vocal percentage of the community that was going to flip its, ahem, if Nevada hadn’t been released last year. This was the necessary infrastructure for that to happen

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I’m not sure the “free to play” option is going to be lost?

Release Version: 1.5 [Free to play]
Open Beta Version: 1.5 [Free to play]
Open Alpha Version: 2.0 [Requires paid-for NTTR]

A future release of 2.x (or whatever version number it will be at the time) will also include the Caucasus terrain map, which should still be free-to-play.



Technically 2.0 is free-to-play right now as well, it just so happens to the only map that works for it costs money.