DCS Warbirds Quiz

Round 1. Guess the three DCS warbirds by the sound of their flybys. You have 24 hours to post your guesses :slight_smile:


Mh. Nice idea. My wild guess:

  1. 190 Anton
  2. Kurfürst
  3. Spit

Answers to Round 1: [spoiler]https://youtu.be/uRviG_n6dtE[/spoiler]

Here’s Round 2:

  1. I16 :slight_smile:
  2. P51
  3. 109
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Ha. 1 out of 3. Should have heard the BMW on no. 2.

  1. Rata (I just follow @NEVO 's lead here…)
  2. 109
  3. Dora
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Dora! I totally forgot about it :slight_smile:

And here are the Round 2 answers!


At least I got the 109 right. The super charger sound was very distinctive in your clip.
Spitfire sounded surprisingly different compared to the first clip and also compared to the Pony with the same engine.
P-51 is actually pretty close to the sound I remember from Duxford. I wonder what that whisteling sound is. In real life it sounded more like airflow over gunports than super chaeger.

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I mixed 109 and 51 !? ED has it wrong!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@miRage. From my experience the whistling sound is airflow off the air intake under the fuselage. The airflow hitting the oil cooler inside make the whistle. The P51’s at Duxford and Shuttleworth airshow are renowned for it, especially at Shuttleworth as the trees lining the airfield make the sound that much louder. The gun ports whine a bit as well in a dive but they aren’t as loud unless the barrels are open,

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I think the gunport whistle only occurs when pulling AoA. In DCS that’s definitely the case, as I can hear it from inside the cockpit while turning. When it gets louder I know to ease off the stick or dump some flaps, else I’ll get a nasty snap roll.

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