DCS WIP Damage model

In the latest newsletter the new damage model which is still WIP was mentioned with a screenshot as well.

New Damage Model Update
In order to bring DCS World to a new level of combat simulation, an improved damage model system is certainly required. Our team has diligently been working on this new and improved system and it will entail the following features:

  • We have moved from tracking 30 damage variables to several hundred damage variables. This includes such variables as each airframe spars, engine components, fuel tanks, oil, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, control surfaces, ammo boxes, etc.
  • All elements have unique durability values that are used calculate of bullet penetration into the structure
  • There will be no more statistical accumulation of damage, so for example, you can’t tear off a wing by simply shooting at its tip
  • All elements can now be torn off by destroying their attachment points or airframe elements (wing spars for example)
  • Damage can be distributed from one element to another by fire
  • All liquids will flow out from holes, and this will result in decreasing effectiveness of hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Sounds and looks very interesting so far. Just look at how many components there are with the new DM.


And if it would apply to the AI as well it would be even better…

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Just saw that post by Sithspawn on the ED forums.

If it doesnt, I will be the first in line adding that in a bug report. The DM should not only aid PvP, but against AI as well, right now there are a number of issues that make AI planes flying tanks.




If they started expanding this to ground units too it would make my day.

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Is it just me or has all that info been in the public domain already?

Anyways, glad they’re working on this, can’t come soon enough.


I also had a slight deja-vu there… maybe sonething similar some time ago.


Yep, me too so had a look. Racoon from the ED team posted this similar image of damage model changes on 19th July 2016 here:

I imagine it will take a while to convert the warbirds over.