DCS Wishlist: Server Region Multi-Select

Hey everyone,

If you play DCS MP, as you know there is a drop-down to filter servers by region. This is helpful but you can only view one region at a time. I think taking it a step further as a multi-select would be much more useful as I prefer to eliminate a few regions and keep a few. For me, I’d like to remove Asia/Pacific as they are outside acceptable ping, and keep North America, Europe and LAN visible.

I started a thread on the ED forum wishlist section, but it hasn’t gained traction so I thought I would cross-post the link here and if you like the idea, chip in on the ED forum post and maybe it can get some attention:


It doesn’t allow that??
I always fly the same places so I use the sort-by-favorites option but that does seem like a logical filter to have in place vs assuming everyone will always choose to fly in just one region.

Yea, at present it’s just a plain drop down & pick one which makes checking out two or more regions a pain as you have to wait for the entire list to refresh.

I also see Asia/Pacific load on my list before anything NA or EU, so cutting that entire chunk out would improve my list load time, I imagine.

Backup given.

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