DCS: World 1.5.6 Open Beta

DCS: World 1.5.6 beta changelog, beta release of AJS-37 Viggen by Leatherneck. New update external 3D model Mig-29S (and surely more)


Today we release a new crucial update - DCS 1.5.6 to open beta.
This update introduces new aircraft DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Leatherneck Simulations also a number of fixes and additions.

today we release DCS 1.5.6 into Open Beta only. The public version of DCS 1.5 will get this update with one week if there will not any showstopper bugs.

Below the list of fixes and additions.

DCS World
Su-25T. Quick Start, Single and Training missions were converted into the multilanguage format.
Su-25T. Added Russian localization for Training missions.
TF-51D. Added Training missions.
Added cargo name in status bar.
Helicopters. When track replays, helicopter “rudder trimmer” local settings will not apply. Only track settings will work.
Script Crash player with querying groups of Mi-8 and UH-1H will not bring crash.
FARP and cargo objects will be able to selecting and then viewed via the F10 map.
Ground units life in the trigger condition will correspond to lifebar indication.
Marker smoke of cargo unload zone will work at 2 km distance and closer.
Multiplayer. Server port can be reassigned in Multiplayer GUI.
VR. Tool tip box size corrected.
VR: Training mission helper cursor and highlight box will be visible.
Mission generator. Fixed error that appears with generating mission for some aircraft.
Fixed GUI error when using ‘Nav. targets points’ in ME.
Fixed GUI error when tried to change object type for object that already used in advanced task
Su-25T. Corrected payload with one jammer pod. Added second jammer pod.
Custom cockpit liveries now can be placed in C:\Users<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries folder (for example liveries for F-86 cockpit can be placed here: “C:\Users<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Cockpit_F-86F Sabre”).
Antiradiation missiles. Corrected guidance system. Corrected launch zone calculation.
GBU-12 aiming corrected
Mouse cursor will disappear when idle
Mission generator. Mission generator will create radio presets section in mission file.
Placement of F-14s on a carrier deck corrected.
Training missions. Local player callsign will be correct
MQ-9 Reaper. Camo liveries corrected
Unit.getRadar() function now will return ‘true’ for tracking radars part of SAM complex.
Chinese speech support added
TOW Bradley M2 launch interval decreased to 2 sec
SAM Avenger too small launch interval in some cases corrected
SAM Stinger (Igla) launch event now appears in briefing
Ground unit weapons name in briefing corrected
ATGM launch delay when units belong the same group removed
Ground unit now continues deploy process after AI switching OFF and ON
Ground Search Radar becomes inactive (but remains rotates) when get 50% damage.
Updated 3D model of MiG-29S (9-13S).

Medvedev 2 Campaign. Chinese localization added.
Ka-50 cockpit sounds updated.

DCS Spitfire IX
Fixed invalid argument for side door net animation.
Magneto ON/OFF commands reversed.
Corrected typos in free flight instant mission.
Gunsight brightness commands works correct.
Wing guns will not work when corresponding wing goes off.

Fuel leakage from damaged fuel tank decreased
AHRS will not work when related CB’S are off
Fuel flow from external tanks corrected
Fixed landing gear alternate release
Roll trimmer motion rate decreased
Fixed frequent CADC failures.
Gear doors are open at cold start.
Added training mission on the use of GBU-12 bombs.
Added the section for use GBU-12 bombs in the Flight Manual

Su-27. Added axes for separated pedal wheel brakes and nose wheel steering control
Su-27. Corrected F-5E payload in the instant mission Intercept.
Su-27. Emergency brake handle added into cockpit.
Su-33. Refueling probe will not appears inside cockpit.
Su-33. Emergency brake and Emergency hook handles added into cockpit.

DCS L-39
Added trimmer synchronization in multiplayer
Engine can be stopped in air when “solo flight” option enabled
Flaps control buttons will return into upper position after flaps moving finished
QS mission Cold Start corrected - added valid home ATC frequency to 19th channel

Damaged pitot system can be repaired.
Player will not be able to interact with cockpit after all crew members are dead.

Air refueling sound will not play after disconnecting from tanker
Corrected damage model of engine nacelles.

DCS MiG-21bis
Fixed misaligned Taxi Lights
Fixed various external model (LOD) errors
Corrected R-13M and R-13M1 missile performance
Fixed anti-skid regardless of nose wheel brake
Corrected FM roll inertia
Corrected R-55 & RS-2US performance
Adjusted In-Ground Effect (IGE)

DCS M-2000C
Added dynamic nose and tail numbering
Added slight buffet at very high pitch rates
Added airfoil aerodynamic force shift back with mach
Updates to jammer switch functionality based on community feedback
Updates to reduce control effectiveness at high AOA
Updates to AP control tuning (some regimes still WIP)
Updates to various AP logic (some features still WIP)
Updates to afterburner fuel flow schedule (lower fuel flow with altitude as expected)
Updates to afterburner performance for acceleration timing (reduced from previous)
Updates to transonic drag modeling for performance and accelerating timing (greatly increased drag from previous)
Updates to external fuel tank and 530D parasite drag values for performance and acceleration timing (minor increase)
Updates to low speed AOA recovery control law for better response
Updates to airfoil tables and stability coefficients to better match sustained turn rate charts (in general before had too high subsonic, too low supersonic)
Updates to hydraulic system damage model
Fixed AP still in standby when re-engaged when AP was previously turned off while in standby
Fixed AP not allowed to disengage when in standby
Fixed FBW gains on ground behavior
Fixed some typos in tooltips
Fixed a minor blending issue in FBW control laws
Fixed engine inlet mass flow too high at high AOA
Fixed engine efficiency at altitude and at idle (reduced)
Fixed minor issue with drag reduction due to slats (reduction was too high previously)
Fixed bugs in nearly all campaign and training missions
Fixed INS flight plan no longer will reset when rearming or refueling

DCS Combined Arms
BMP-1 and BMD-1 now have common sight for all the turret armaments.
Fixed missile armament “hangup” in mode of “missile guidance”.
Voice message “enemy burn” will not play when destroying infantries.
Fixed inverted lengthwise swinging of unit body while accelerating or braking in reverse gear.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
New 3D external model, textures and liveries.
New 3D cockpit model and part of the textures.
Pilot model updated.
Main altimeter got updated behaviour (lagging) when the internal vibrator is OFF.
Fixed main altimeter negative altitudes display.
Fixed a minor glitch in altimeters with the pointer jump, when the baro setting is changed during aircraft climbing/descending.
Barometric setting is not affected now by the pointer stuck due to the internal vibrator being OFF.
Rear cockpit STARTER CB will prevent engine starter operation when is pulled (works in parallel with the forward cockpit CB).
Fixed rear cockpit TARSYN control panel and FD annunciator panel.
Made clock chronometer seconds hand moving discretely (4 steps per a second).
Clock chronometer seconds hand will move backwards, when earlier time is set and chronometer was operating.
Fixed CAWS lights ON/OFF and dimming logic when battery cycled ON and OFF.
Modified cockpit snap views and default cockpit view.
Fixed smoke control panel layout.
Fixed smoke CB position.
Modified smoke colour.
GPU sound is heard now at external views.
Added new sounds in the cockpit: canopy, canopy lock/ safety handles, canopy detachment lever, parking brake handle, emergency gear extension lever, ejection handle.
Added a specific ‘buzz’ sound, which is heard once batteries are ON.
Sounds for canopy move and open/close locks and the ‘buzz’ sound are heard at external views now.
Added a quiet ‘clicking’ sound in cockpit. It is heard when the secondary DC bus is energized.
Added sound for UHF knobs.
Changed several cockpit sounds from mono to stereo.
Adjusted delays, open/close, lock/unlock, squeeze/release timings in the canopy animation.
The canopy safety catch now can be squeezed with the canopy locked - the canopy will open immediately, once the canopy lever is unlocked.
Canopy animation updated.
Fixed View axis commands for Joystick Inputs.
Fixed magnetic compass light switch.
Selected second cockpit controls can be heard now from the other cockpit.
Fixed ADI display.
Added CN version of C-101 EB Flight Manual.
Added stairs and helmet to cockpit view when aircraft is off and canopy opened.
Other seat pilot’s head is now animated in the cockpit.
Wheel chocks and stairs work correctly now in flyable aircraft.
Fixed external lights panel.
Fixed AI external lights logic.
Fixed landing light position.
Fixed cockpit mirror animation.
Pilot’s helmet glass in first-person view implemented (‘H’ key by default).
Forward cockpit canopy will be teared off if it was not locked, once the ejection sequence has been started on ground.
Ejection safety pin now disables the eject handle clickspot until the safety pin is pulled.
Ejection seat model updated.
Deleted fuel flow test button from rear cockpit.[/quote]


I was just about to submit my version and I thought I’d check :slight_smile:

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Update is live!!!

Hmm…just got an ingame message that trackir is plugged/unplugged. But i can’t reproduce it.
Detection on the fly would be really cool.

I remember it used to deliver that message when it couldn’t see your trackir hat/clip or couldn’t find a VR headset a few patches ago.

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As Saturday being my day off took a very long afternoon sleep got my self new headset aswell and its viggen studies all night long with no phoncalls from anyone :smiley:

Not bad… new F/A-18C 3D model, two kilo submarines with torpedo tubes and antennas, some new clusters bombs with submunitions, soldiers, and more (and all AJS-37 viggens 3D models).


Thanks for the update, @Silver_Dragon!

Some items that piqued my interest:

And WOW at all the M2000C and C101 updates! Nice!


After that list of updates I am going to pick up the C-101. I want to support them and would like to see more from them.


I got to check out the '29… New model! Yay!

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I’m seriously considering doing the same thing. For the moment I have enough to sink my teeth into with the Viggen but the C101 is definitely on my radar as a near future addition to my DCS hangar.

VR. Tool tip box size corrected.
VR: Training mission helper cursor and highlight box will be visible.

Both of these make a huge difference when learning a new aircraft in VR.