DCS World 1.5 Update 2: Fans! A Long Mirage List! Rejoice!

From the DCS Forums.

DCS Update 2

DCS World

  • MP. Multiplayer protocol was changed. Current version is not compatible with old ones.
  • MP. Fixed bug with invisible servers in the MP lobby.
  • Encyclopedia. New entries added. French, Chinese, Russian localisation corrected.
  • Export API is now registered as Export.* in the GUI state, fixed the documentation.
  • CN localization - A-10C and Ka-50 single missions added.
  • RU localization update.
  • CN S-300PS 54K6 cp added to the available unit list.
  • CN Il-78, An-30 added in the Chinese unit list.
  • CN Il-76/78 Chinese liveries added/updated.
  • Korean language support added.
  • Russian installation guide updated / Russian images added
  • Mission Generator. Fixed error that occurred with attempt to move of blue node.
  • AI helicopter behavior in the RTB or Bingo task is corrected.
  • The triggers “object in zone", "object out of zone” will be working correctly for helicopters with cargo.
  • AI Helicopters. Crash on deactivation during landing on the ship fixed.

DCS MiG-15bis

  • CN MiG-15 training missions added.


  • DCS F-86F Flight Manual RU.pdf added


  • Fixed UH1H-Dyn.dll loading (for this reason, the game does not start for some players).

DCS L-39

  • Fix of multi crew interaction between two clients on server.


  • Added cockpit fans.

DCS Combined Arms

  • CA slots will be displayed in the list of roles.


  • Fixed TACAN range units
  • Fixed clicking sound when in easy comm mode
  • Increased drag of wing tanks
  • Corrected rate limit of servo-actuator dynamics
  • Made multiple corrections to engine performance
  • Corrected gear lever handle operation and animation
  • Corrected fuselage drag for more correct performance
  • Corrected multiple missing inputs (gear up/down, airbrake up/down individual inputs)
  • Corrected flickering for HUD symbology when WOW going on/off
  • Fixed the issue where an engine sound could be heard even though aircraft is cold
  • Added engine out due to extended periods of negative vertical acceleration and fuel accumulator is exhausted
  • Hydraulic pressure 1 and 2 gauge animated
  • Cabin altitude gauge animated and calculation updated
  • Fixed Select altitude off by one
  • Fixed control surfaces moving even when no hydraulic pressure available (either normal or emergency)
  • Fixed cover switches being able to switch even with cover on
  • Added flameout logic for loss of airflow into the engine and various mass flow correction for ambient conditions and aircraft state
  • Fixed issue with left/right main gear modeled slightly differently (caused pulling to one side on takeoff/landing)
  • FBW disconnect switch now FBW gain mode switch (see link below)
  • Corrected control effectiveness at extreme angles of attack
  • Correct burner diameter
  • Adjusted vertical tail effectiveness at extreme angles of attack
  • Added transonic drag effects
  • Afterburner glow and flame now based on actual burner stage combustion temperature (not AB throttle position)
  • Input file fixes in preparation for localization
  • Gear modeling improvements
  • Added keyboard control for all flight controls (pitch, roll, yaw, throttle)
  • Default view improvement (based on input from community with minor alterations)
  • AP heading fixes when command was cross 0 North while transition to commanded heading
  • Engine nozzle position logic fixes
  • Affect lift on portion of wing where air brake is when extended
  • Filter on longitudinal acceleration
  • Altimeter setting now functional
  • Added animation to lights to be shown in multiplayer
  • Fixed intake cones position mismatch
  • Fixed nose gear door 3D collision bug
  • Sustained turned rate improvements
  • Autopilot control and engagement envelope logic corrected
  • AA FBW mode now proper config with center tank loaded
  • Added joystick mappable commands for FBW commands and seat adjust
  • Fuel flow schedule fixes
  • Buddy lasing functional (and ability for M-2000C to use JTAC)
  • Updated manual
  • M-2000C viewable in multiplayer for those that don’t own it
  • New Liveries
  • Fix for kneeboard not showing up
  • Small gun snake logic fix
  • FPM marker caged below 50 knots
  • HUD alignment fixes
  • Fix for Mach indicator on HUD getting out of sync
  • Inversed light for Landing Gear handle fixed
  • Master Warning/Caution system fixed
  • Unnecessary folder in CoreMods fixed
  • Error in INS code fixed
  • Missing icons for M-2000C fixed


  • Hawk radios talking to ground crew now working.

AvioDev DCS C-101

  • Fixed missing cockpit sounds at aircraft restore after crash or ejection.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks and crashes related to sounds.
  • Fixed Master Caution sound that was missing sometimes.
  • Minor: Fixed ‘eng computer OFF’ light with the corresponding circuit breaker being pulled.
  • Flyable rear cockpit initial support.
  • C-101CC: initial weapon employment capability was restored/implemented. Still work in progress.
  • Flight Manual in English language included.

Mi-8 fans are operational! I consider DCS to be finally feature complete.


I have two small fans on either side of my monitor for when I fly the MI-8. Now I can turn them on when the ones in the game are on. Dare I say…Immersive!


I can confirm that LGBs & Buddy lasing work in the mirage, much to the detriment of red armor.


Awesome! I’ll have to hop in this one soon- since I’m -cough- working from home today.