DCS: World 2.0.5 changelog

2.0.5 Changelog and add Spitfire Mk.IX to Alpha

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ahw no desert-Viggen just yet :disappointed:

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I really really like this. Is it for every player-manned airframe?

@Sryan Do you want one personalised skin? :wink:

@komemiute I think the M90 splinter desert camo might look pretty sweet on the viggen in the NTTR :smiley:

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C’est la vie. Lots to fiddle with in updated 1.5.6.

Oo oo, plus as @SkateZilla just reminded me, the Spitfire is in 2.0 now. That’ll do.


Took the Spitfire out in the desert for a bit. Great fun. Very North Africa. :slight_smile:

Has the rudder trim changed? Didn’t seem to need hardly any on takeoff (and checked the 'Special / helpers were all off) so that seems different.

My FPS in VR dropped to 15-20 with the new update. I reverted back to the latest 2.0.4 and FPS was good again…
Anybody else?

Thanks @SkateZilla for the DCS updater utility, again! :slight_smile:

I think mine did lose a bit too. Did you FPS internal counter (the DCS one) show as orange text this time around? Is that new? I keep dipping under 45 in ASW, while not noticing that before. Seems related to buildings a bit more this time around.

Yeah, internal FPS counter is a darker yellow, or orange.
2.0.5 is unplayable for me. At 15 FPS ASW makes jello of everything.
2.0.4 is a steady 45 with perfect ASW and sometimes 90 FPS.
Granted I have only tested it briefly, the Instant action F-5E take off mission.

Can do eaasy… if the template is available.

New DCS World 2.0.5 update. I did not see this posted anywhere else:

DCS Update 2

Introduced new F-5E ACM campaign by Maple Flag.

DCS World

  • MP. Repairing client no longer causes crash. Fixed an occasional crash that could occur when restarting mission. Other stability improvements.
  • AIM-7M. DLZ of AIs corrected.
  • Fix of lift ground effect under objects.
  • AI fighters will attack helicopters with the close range AA missiles.
  • Fixed an older issue where AI vehicles are unable to find a road if the first on road waypoint isn’t placed on a road.
  • Invalid number of chaff/flares in rearming menu fixed.
  • BetAB-500ShP. Corrected a rocket motor flame position.
  • S-24 rocket. Corrected a rocket motor flame volume.
  • ME. Advanced actions - perform command - transmit message locale bug is fixed.
  • Encyclopedia. Some updates and bugfixes.
  • The midair crashes (feel like invisible obstacles) of aircraft near Nellis fixed.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Fixed auto startup sequence. No more BLOC.CAB announcement after autostart.
  • Fixed main wheels coordinates, wheel smoke will be shown correctly now.
  • Fixed helmet visor texture (removed banding).


  • POL mode bug fixed. Now all weapons safetied when in POL mode.
  • D2M keybinds fixed.
  • Minor changes to FM.

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Bomb-fall line on russian aircraft HUD will not be flashing.
  • Su-27. Corrected wheel brakes. Added new command for brakes - LShift+W.

DCS Combined Arms

  • Tunguska (SA-19). The auto-sighting when stabilization is on corrected.


  • Camera shake cockpit feature was added
  • 6 basic checklists were added in the voice-over mode of the AI crew and with the waiting of the user’s actions (RU locale only a while).
  • R-828 sound commutation fixed in according with SPU rotary switch.
  • SPU - max volume at hot start.
  • DC rotary switch in BATT BUS position by default at hot start.

Sadly, some critical issues still not fixed because we can’t reproduce them and find a reason. However, we still working on it and hope to resolve these issues ASAP.

Known issues:

  • M-2000C: Significant performance drop with enabled mirrors when canopy is opened or jettisoned.
  • MiG-21bis: Significant performance drop when other aircraft placed nearby.
  • L-39 engine stops right after entering the mission.
  • L-39 starts perpendicular to RWY.
  • A-10C Crash when battery switch is used from cold start.
  • F-15C control axis don’t work.
  • Bf-109, Spitfire - some gauges don’t work.
  • F-5 Freezes DCS completely, CTD, regardless if in the air or ground.
  • DCS сrashes when Shilka hits a FC3 plane.
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DCS World 2.05 Update 3 is now live? Did I miss a few days there? Friday already!?!

DCS Update 3

DCS World

  • Fixed issue of SF protection that caused of random malfunctions in the game:
    • L-39 engine stops right after entering the mission.
    • L-39 starts perpendicular to RWY.
    • Bf-109 Gauges don’t work, engine stop (out of fuel).
    • Mirage 2000C no way to go to afterburner, even with the throttle full open. It stops at 84 instead of over 240 fuel flow. After about 30 seconds in the air, it trims uncontrollably up, like the Viggen, but much worse.
    • A-10C Crash when battery switch is used from cold.
    • F-5 Freezes completely DCS, CTD, regardless if in the air or ground.
    • Spitfire Fuel on 0%, engine stops after a few seconds.
    • Spitfire lots of cockpit animation don’t work.
    • F-15C control axis don’t work.
  • Fixed crash caused by damage certain elements of A-10A.
  • Helipad icon on F10 view will change color after capturing by other coalition.
  • Change customized cockpit will take effect without restarting DCS.
  • Incorrect parking place in some QS missions on second launch fixed.
  • AI helicopters will have a clouds of dust effect near ground surface.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Added missing C-101 EB/CC default skin to several countries in ME. Added Chile, Honduras, Jordan and USAF Aggressor skins to their respective countries in ME.

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM

  • Fixed issue that caused a huge FPS drop with enabled mirrors and opened canopy.
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Have to think that with the fix to the F-15C they wanted to release it soonest. Good for them.

Update 4 is here!

DCS Update 4

DCS World

  • Fixed GUI Error when using the condition for the task


  • F-15C. Fixed performance drop issue related to control axis moving in some cases.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations

Important: This update contains the MiG-21Bis StarForce patch.
Before applying this update, please visit ED forum thread for detailed information:
(English) https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...85&postcount=1
(Russian) МИГ-21бис StarForce PATCH - АПРЕЛЬ 2017 - DCS: МиГ-21бис - ED Forums

  • Adjusted flaps’ drag coefficients.
  • Adjusted axis roll at slow speeds.
  • Adjusted pitch, roll, and yaw stability.
  • Adjusted acceleration in climb and turning.
  • Fixed unusual event when AOA stalls, caused aircraft to enter uncontrollable roll.
  • Fixed RSBN, PRMG, SAU automatic landing modes, causing unwanted oscillation.
  • Fixed default chaff and flare quantities for ASO-2 configuration.
  • Fixed the armament selection switch’s logic.
  • Adjusted IR missiles’ detection range.
  • Fixed radar ground reflections’ algorithm while flying inverted.
  • ВДИ-30К altimeter now calibrated for International Standard Atmosphere
  • Fixed RSBN distance indicator changing from XX9 to X2X.
  • UPK-23-250 control box now shows.
  • Corrected “Main Red Lights” rotation animation.
  • Corrected ADI/HSI’s light illumination sequence.
  • Adjusted afterburner animation and sound synchronization.
  • Fixed navigation beacons locations and ordering