DCS World 2 Live Steam - Part Deux, Electric Boogaloo - June 28th

Only got around to watching the recording just now…
Looks fantastic!
I’ve been longing for vids like these, showing off DCS2. to give me a hint of what to expect.

BTW, is that light adaptation we see at the start of the F-15C mission? I noticed that when looking into the sun, the view darkens…

I got so immersed in the video I actually tried to control the view with my head, as if I had my Track Clip on…! :smiley:

That happens to me sometimes as well, especially when I am watching HD videos on full screen. :smiley:

I am just watching this stream (I know I know I live in the past partially :slight_smile: ) and I need to say its great, just great ( I know I know lot of people already said that :slight_smile: )
but here are ‘my’ highlights:

MODEL VISIBILITY - thumbs up! here for scaling the icons not the models itself. I was afraid that you will choose the ‘smart scaling’. I am OK with the actual model size/visibility in DCS1.0

TERRAIN TEXTURES - I noticed that in DCS2.0 terrain textures have its own dropdown menu, so its not overall textures anymore. Great!

@wagmatt and thumbs up! for you flying without zooming in and out
btw you disposing the flares reminds me of “Oh… I find it relaxing…” :smiley:

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