DCS World 2 Live Stream 3 Helo Helo Helo - July 4th

To celebrate it being 3 days since Canada Day, we’re going to see Matt not crash the Huey into a crane!

Message incoming from @wagmatt

"The next live Stream will be on Saturday, July 4th at 1800 UTC. The Q&A will start at 1730 UTC. (Editor: Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click )

Helos, helos, helos!

After the Stream concludes, I will post a copy to Youtube"

Nice :smile:

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In 5 mins

Helos, helos, helos!

Q&A segment:

Q1. How much detail in the Grand Canyon of the NTTR map?
A1. Very, very low - meant more to be used in the distance on the edge (heh) of the map. Maybe in the future it’ll be updated though.

Q2. Visibility of models setting works on ground units too?
A2. Yes, and it helps a lot.

Q3. Will the Black Shark contain ABRIS moving map of the NTTR and the other new maps?
A3. Yes, the KA-50 will use the topographical map for the moving map from existing assets. Other modules like the A10C, they use real-world charts.

Q4. What are the main reasons for not releasing DCS 2 World now?
A4. Two main reasons are (a) Software crashes and (b) Needs more time for better optimization, with the goal being to be far better than DCSW 1. Also things like (c) ground unit route following, (d) improved networking for MP and (e) the new ATC system.

Q5. Will the Red Flag F15C and A10C campaigns be free or payware?
A5. Payware, as they are a lot of work. Also opening up 3rd party campaigns more too, with some being payware (up to them).

Q6. Civilian ATC interaction with McCarren etc?
A6. Not yet. Maybe in the future, but the emphasis is military ops within the NTTR.

Q7. Will the random mission generator work in NTTR?
A7. Not yet, but it is planned to on release, yes.

Q8. Airport taxi signs within the NTTR airports?
A8. Yes, the new map has these.

Q9. Will NTTR have arresting gear landing areas etc?
A9. No, or rather not yet and it’s currently a low priority. So not for the alpha or beta timeframes.

Q10. Can we add an airfield to the NTTR map?
A10. No, not really, as it’s more complex than a single object like a FARP. Lots of things to do around airports that make it more complicated. Maybe DCS 3?

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Q&A Video here:

Stream of the Huey over Nellis and the Shark over the strip here:

Nice job @wagmatt, enjoyed watching it.

Note: No stream next weekend, but one maybe the weekend after that.


Thanks Frog :slight_smile:

Missed the live stream…but the recorded one looked fantastic. I’ll throw up some comments later… Great stuff…