DCS World 2 Preview – WWII Air Combat

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In a preview of what WWII combat in DCS World 2 will feel like, Charles “Chuck” Ouellet gives us some impressions on his early access to DCS World 2… Note – this article contains images that depict a pre-alpha state of DCS World 2. Features are constantly being added, improved, fixed, and reworked, so these images…


Wow! That looks beautiful!

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Well done, Chuck!

I’m very interested to see how the the new smart scaling works. In general, I don’t like the use of “visual aids” like labels or other non-realistic tools, but in this case this particular fix is to help with a real limitation of our hardware - our eyes can resolve much finer details than modern monitors can provide … yet.

There will always be that camp of folks that label devices like this as a “cheat”, but I am hoping that the right balance will be struck. WWII air combat never gets old.

Many thanks to Chuck for sharing his thoughts on what he’s seen thus far - and thanks to Wags for allowing us to feature the article.


Great review ! I am very excited and looking forward to new planes and a different WWII scenery
area ! Thanks for the updates !

I like this content and want more of it! :smile:


Thanks for this short view of the upcoming DCS World 2 - i wish we all could join you in the air.

GREAT JOB!! Looking forward to DCSW2…

@SenorDroolcup - :smile: I like where your head is…

Simply awesome. Although I have the modules the WWII planes never leave my hanger, that I imagine will change as soon as DCSW2 is out. Like IL2 MP but better visuals, plane models and flight models, DROOOL :heart_eyes:

Awesome! Great job Chuck! :slight_smile:

Everything looks perfect. But I miss one type of aircraft. I think about multi crew bombers - HE-111, JU-87 and B-17.

Indeed. There is a ton of work to do to bring forth a believable WWII theater. From vehicles, to weapons, to bombers, to buildings, and landscapes. My hope is that World 2 is going to be the “operating system” that, once released, will provide a foundation for more rapid development in other areas. I see no reason why World 2 couldn’t be the base for a long, long time to come into the future.


Glad you folks liked it. Having a blast so far.

Could you tell us a bit about the stability of DCS2 and whether you think public alpha is around the corner or that it will be a while yet?

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to talk about the status or stability of the pre-alpha.

It’s ready when it’s ready.

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Thank you for doing this and since I have been following all your beautiful work for DCS (and others sims) that you so unselfishly shared with us, I bet good money that it is spot on :slight_smile:
Please, if you do any further tests and are allowed to show, keep it coming.

Good to hear that the visibility issues have been addressed

Bombers are one of my favourite aircraft types to fly as well. I really hope one day we get to see a DCS B-17/B-24/Lancaster.

Amen, I make sure to bug Yo-Yo about that every so often :smile:

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