DCS World 2 Stream screenshots from July 19

One of these days I’ll actually make it to the stream myself!


Yeah, I missed that stream as well. Those Hornet shots…oh my…

@wagmatt posed a video to his Youtube channel showcasing the Caucasus Map in DCS World 2. Looking very, very nice!

@Fridge - Nice video. It is pretty cool that new users can basically get a whole, fully functional simulator for free (Su-25T and Caucasus). And yeah, the Caucasus look good under EDGE.


The stream from Twitch did not transfer well to Youtube, so I tried to duplicate the missions but at 60 FPS this time.


Let me guess, you landed on the carrier this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Just watched… yes you did :wink:

Don’t forget the free TF-51D!


I’m excited to see how dcs 2.0 will handle multi monitor setups, for streaming mfd’s etc. to the ipad or other screen types.

In DCS 1 my performance gets bulldozed, as I need to enter windowed mode instead of running fullscreen. I lose SLi functioning (2xgtx770) when doing this. The best solution would be to be able to stream dedicated mfd’s from the engine directly, while still running fullscreen, through some kind of system. As of now I have refrained from streaming instrument panels to secondary screens.

i want that F-18 now

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