DCS World 2 - wow!

As most of you know I’ve been off in sim racing land for the past few years since selling SimHQ.com. My flight simming has been limited to a weekly foray in FSX with a couple of friends and some bank and yank in BMS F4.

I got the bug to load up DCS World and the A-10 again. What a difference from the earlier versions. I really want to compliment Wags and the DCS group for refining their product, and this is still alpha huh?

Well done, and really enjoying everything old is new again. :sunglasses:


Alpha is the new Gamma :slight_smile:

Have you tried the (free) TF-51 yet @guod? That gives the sim a really different feel with a prop rather than jet.

@wagmatt and the team (with 3rd parties now) have been on a real roll last couple of years, with the latest Gazelle, Mirage 2000 and MiG-21bis being big steps forward. Plus of course, Nevada is a beaut and worth checking out.

Haven’t tried the Mustang. I just spent an hour with the Su-25 last night tooling around the Nevada terrain and periodically lifting my dropped jaw from the tabletop.


Doug, good to see you! If you want a real mind trip, fly DCS World (1.5.3 or 2.0) with the Oculus rift or HTC Vive.

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I thought Doug was dead.


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The Flaming Cliffs 3 A version or the T version that is free? I think the A version is a lot more fun to fly, sure you miss the fancy HUD and the Shakvl system, but you get visibility and speed back for it! Besides, there is a certain beauty in delivering ordnance accurately without a HUD!

Good to see you Guod. Yep, the Nevada map really showcases the future of DCS. I’m still blown away by the photo-realistic scenery we get in that map. The Caucuses map has greatly improved as well. Truly it is a new sim this past year. It is only going to get better.

Hey - I know the DCS forum is the primary place for this type of thing, but is anyone here experiencing messed up binding of their HOTAS or Rhino systems? On 1.5.3 I have ZERO functioning buttons or triggers on the right hand, and in 2.0.2, I have a whacked throttle; it requires me to literally use the keyboard features to avoid crashing on taxiways, etc.

Is anyone else dealing with this problem? Does anyone know of a workaround? Right now, Neither Georgia nor Nevada are usable for me. Frustrating.

What do you mean with HOTAS? One of the Thrustmaster systems?

Check if there are no other strange bindings in the Axis settings. I usually start by clicking in each column (except ‘Keyboard’), then click the ‘clear category’ button. Only then do I start binding the axes and buttons again.

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I usually do what Legend says. In addition every time I complete a re-definition of the commands I usually save it to a file.

This way I can simple clear everything and simply load it back, every time a new version is released.

I have had similar issues with my Warthog HOTAS when a new version gets updated. Here is what I do in order to fix it. Go into your options/controls screen. Even though you see the profile there and your assignments to that profile, click on a column/profile and then hit the load profile button on top right. Locate your profile and load it back in. That fixes any issues I’ve had in the past. Hopefully will work for you as well.

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