DCS World 2.X Thoughts & Impressions


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Mine wont update :frowning:

When I attempt to force using command prompt it says that 2.1.0 isn’t available.

Reinstall it is then…

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If you update your 2 alpha install, does it become 2.1?

To answer my question: no.

@Toppometer and everyone that is not Troll apparently. If you cannot get it to update to 2.1, go into your DCS install folder, and delete autoupdate.cfg, then run it again.

The internet lied to me, this apparently causes you to dl 1.5. Trying to find a work around.


Thanks nb. That worked.

Check that. It “updated” my 2.alpha install to 1.5.x. LOL.

Maybe it’s time for a foundational rebuild…

Was about to have the same issue, looked like mine was going to go backwards to 1.5 as well. Canceled and restored the autoupdate.cfg then it magically knew 2.1 was there. Crisis adverted

Yup, blew my 2.1 up into 1.5. I now have two installs of 1.5


And another one joins the 1.5 club… Argh, why can’t it just work…?!?

Someone also posted here -


But no answers so far.

Now I am afraid to uninstall Open Alpha in case it uninstalls 1.5…

Whelp. Looks like we got us a typical major video game update. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

I remember staying up all night trying to get a public torrent working for NTTR with @anon51893362. You guys go first this time. :slight_smile:


Well, I have no idea what it’s updating to… I think I read 2.10 somethinoranother before clicking OK. I used Skatezillas update utility though.
93% downloaded, and now it came to a screeching halt and ones and zeros are trickeling in by the kilobyte.

No idea how I managed this, but…

EDIT: Or not. Let’s download it again? apparently?


Ok, can’t resist. PSA: the torrent is significantly faster than the saturated HTTP download (depending on your region, Pacific NW here)…

That one’s a GUI for the same updater, there’s nothing different under the hood.

Yeah, I know. I just used it to trigger the update, as I had spent my daily DCS autocheck :slight_smile:

You can use the windows link of

Start / Eagle Dynamics / Update DCS World 2 OpenAlpha

…to do that as well.

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SZs GUI is so much cooler… :wink:

I had to use it to install Normandy as well. Couldn’t find the module anywhere.

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dcs_updater.exe install NORMANDY_terrain

dcs_updater.exe install WWII-ARMOUR

(grumble, you mouse people, command line purity, grumble, can’t exit vim etc.) :slight_smile:

I’m about halfway done, torrent speed seems fairly quantum-observation like, so trying not to look at it.