DCS World 2.X Thoughts & Impressions

Use Skatezillas app :slight_smile:

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I did stuff around in DCS after actually quite somw time and boy, it was a roller coaster ride!

First, the lighting in 2.whatever is sublime. Like, really impressive.
Second, performance are absolutely stunning with a little leeway for the randomest stepping. There was no actual apparent cause but at least it was few happenings and far between. It files acceptably under the “Alpha” version.
Third… guys… the sounds.
The .50 cal of the mustang or the sabre have finally all the ooomph they deserve!
And speaking of the sabre, the engine sound is really impressive now.

Didn’t notice other planes sounds as dramatically improved as those but probably something went in too.

On a side note loading times seem to have improved somewhat.
It’s such a pleasure to fly low over stuff now- environmental effects are at an all time high.

Flying the mustang with the sun in the six o’clock also gives a very convincing ultraviolet/polarized sun dot on the front plexiglas… hard to explain, try it.

Love it a lot.


This, this, and more this. There really is no need to worry about installs with this great app

I haven’t noticed much difference in performance or visuals but then I have only been playing in NTTR on the “Through the Inferno” server which uses weather and/or night to good effect. Load times in multiplayer are much, MUCH longer. But that seems to have helped or cured the “player joined” lag spike that has caused so much heartache. Or it is just placebo. It’s been a fun server with the AV8B as it requires one plane with Sidearms to clear the BUKs before the others come in with whatever. Also on that server there seems to be a sound bug where you must listen to the noise of a nearby jet engine at all times, even alone and shutdown on a distant FARP. With the canopy closed it’s not a problem…but odd nonetheless.

If this is indeed so, i am a happy boy

In one game I watched as vehicles in front of me were generated one by one. So maybe it is uploading to the clients in small packets to avoid pausing the server.

Then again, that sounds awfully similar to my explanation as to why I wasn’t able update to 2.2.0 with the update app. And you all new that theory was full of merde. I should probably stick to biplanes and lycomings.

My performance is up a bit in 2.3. I think the ‘flat only’ shadows got fixed (they are no longer blue, plus don’t take a perf hit so much), although I still crash when using F10 and finishing a mission.

After so much 1.5 with the Harrier, it still feels odd going back to deferred shading on the 2.x, with that bright sunlight of NTTR needing so much gamma. Maybe a VR things, as whites tend to overcontrast stuff on those wee panels.

Turns into stone when stabbed to death?

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Uh oh. You made a comment. Now Malfoy’s coming for you.

Oh no! I did I too!

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Looks like we have some clues into multicrew :astonished:


I want my MiG 19. Although I ALWAYS look forward to the SD updates. I look for them every week…

Something interesting of a mod.


DISCLAIMER: It’s a mod for FC3 F-15C, not a full blown DCS-Module.
Who knows, maybe asking gently someone could even get an F-111…

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Good lord my nerves


Yeah, I think that mod has been out for a while, perhaps by a different author. I think that I’ve seen it on Ralphie’s YT channel or somewhere similar.

This week I decided that I had enough of VR blurriness and flew DCS 2 over the beautiful Nevada Map. Id forgotten how nice it could be on my 34 inch wide screen. Its nothing special of a monitor, but still the game looks good at 60hz in 1440. Cant wait till the end of the month to see what 2.5 will be like.

Yeah, the constant FPS hunt in VR means subpar graphics… But then again, DCS on low settings still look damn good!

Wags is doing a livestream right now. Huey.

At least YouTube tells me that…but the title says 31th December?

Thanks for the notice! I am stuck at work but at least I can put that up on my other monitor!

2.5 is lookin’ swell! It’s going to be hard to bomb a convoy with those trees bracketing the roads :slight_smile:

was there a “hey, whats that F-14 doing over there?”

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