DCS World - Airmobile Assault MP Event

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Here’s a great AAR of a recent Helocentric (heh) DCS World Multiplayer Event. Thanks to @Chuck_Owl for this! Written by Charles “Chuck” Ouellet Date of event: August 2nd, 2015 On a hot Sunday night, helicopter pilots gather for a multiplayer coop mission. The objective: secure and reclaim insurgent-held Novorossiysk, Kabardinka and Gelendzhik airfield by inserting…


Wow - amazing stuff!

It must have been really exciting seeing all those Hueys/Sharks/8’s like that.

Will there be another event in a similar vein? Great job organizing it.

Awesome! So awesome!

Thanks for the write up @Chuck_Owl! That would have been an amazing flight to see or be part of! I hope you will follow this up with more! :smile:

EDIT: Was this flown by a particular group or was it a adhoc collection of people?

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I need to get in on one of the Chuck_Owl get togethers… I have been enjoying them from afar since the CloD bombing runs :smile:


A pile of fun Chuck! Thanks to you, the 229th, and all the participants. Encore! Encore!

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@Fridge Random people for the most part

You’re always welcome to join us, Sithspawn.

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Really fantastic stuff there… I keep saying…I don’t have enough time to explore all these awesome sims… (DCS, Arma, Kerbal, FSX, X-Plane, Elite, Steel Beasts, Dangerous Waters…) Argh!

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Great write up and it compliments the video perfectly. Look forward to joining the next one :smile:

I enjoyed it, keep them coming Chuck

I so regret missing this.
Haven’t flown a lot of helicopters since my old racing wheel’s rudder pedals stopped working with my new pc.

Is there going to be another event? And at what time? I’m in the Europe timezone.
This might just be the push I need to finally buy real rudder pedals :smiley:

Aye. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=146154

Round 2 sign-up period is open.

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I can’t make this round but I will try to be there for the next. Thanks for the effort to do this @Chuck_Owl!

In a Medevac slot :smile: Already spent a few nights this week training to land at pinpoint spots and high-elevation LZ’s (like >10,000’) to make sure my skills are up to speed.