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This is interesting I have spent literally hours getting a good compromise only for the next patch to undo all the work again :roll_eyes:
1080 here too

Wasn’t there one patch that totally borked VR for a bit? I might have missed that one…

I think one time the DCS ‘level of detail’ (LOD) defaults in the LUA’s got up’d and that sort of changed what people thought of as ‘medium’ and ‘high’ in the presets. It’s sort of exaggerated because VR is so demanding and when it falls off the edge of being usable it really does it big-style.

For a lot of VR flying it can be so subjective as well, as in my tests above features a helo down low, while the guy in the video wanted to do jets up high in MP competitive and didn’t care about trees and stuff.

I guess I’ll chime in here. Sys-specs: 1070 8gb/i7 4ghz/250 SSD/8gb ram. I must have a strong stomach, since I max everything out but set textures to medium. I honestly haven’t checked my FPS, but it seems to be fine for me. No not buttery smooth, but pretty close in most situations.

HOWEVER, I am super sensitive in car games and it has to be butter or I get sick (taking a trip to the porcelain phone booth? lol)


I am also on a 1080. As MSAA and Deferred Shading simultaneously is basically incompatible and cuts frames roughly in half, you have to chose one of the two. I went with MSAA, as without it I feel the quality of the picture suffers badly. Unfortunately, cockpit textures in DCS are set up to either work with Deferred Shading on or off, but not both. Since quite a few cockpits have already been updated, if you want to have MSAA you have to life with some cockpits with lighting errors.

I have the shadows turned off completely. Their absence is quite noticeable, but their impact on frame-rate even more so. It is probably the biggest gain you can get in the settings.

I have also turned down Visib Range to low to give me enough performance headroom to play heavy mission (several hundred ground objects, several dozen aircraft) in VR (especially since I have a weaker CPU). This worked pre 2.1 at least.

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I think 2 patches back it became totally unplayable with the micro stutters and significant loss of FPS, its getting better though :smiley:

Mbot I don’t know if its still the same but earlier builds gave better FPS with high or ultra visibility settings over medium :thinking:

I think I posted this in the wrong thread. Here goes again: every second of that video was informative. Thanks for posting!

I just discovered this fellow enthusiast last night. I love the creativity of this presentation. Thought others would find this interesting as well.

Here he is testing the Doppler Navigation System in the DCS Mi-8.


VR threads here got me to buy an Oculus Rift; but then some house extensions meant the Rift sat in its box for 7 months. Now I’m back at my PC finally and about to take the VR plunge. I have a couple of quick questions I hope VR-folk (facehuggers) can help with:

Sensor placement - I don’t plan to do any standing gaming. I’ll be flight simming and Elite:Dangerousing while seated - any tips on getting the sensors right on my desk? Is movement or vibration a big deal with them?

If I want my kids to try the Rift (again while seated) will I need to rerun setups and potentially lose my own setup?

Are you guys all using HOTAS buttons or mixing with Voice Attack?

If moving between VR and non-VR sims, do you need to disconnect the Rift or Trackir or can they be left plugged in?

Thanks in advance for replies

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The sensors have a pretty wide field of view. I stand or sit and pretty much never have to change them. If you have Oculus Touch and a second sensor then just put them either side (looking towards you) on your desk.

Nope, they should be fine basically covering your seat/standing position.

Just HOTAS, although some people really rate VA in Elite. I’ve heard good things.

Just leave it in. It defogs the screen by keeping it a little warm. I never disconnect mine.

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Ooooh…man, I wish you had let @PaulRix know when you bought it 7 months ago…it would have been sooooo fun to watch him obsess about it still being in the box for half a year! :rofl: I tortured him for a few weeks I think…

The Oculus software will walk you through the sensor placement step by step…including alignment, setting your “play zone” and all of that.

I haven’t - I mean, their viewpoint might be a foot lower than yours in a seated position, but you could always put a pillow under them or adjust the chair height up I suppose.

I leave mine plugged in all the time. It only activates when I’ve got it on and am using a VR game…

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Seven MONTHS???

Lol, yes, probably a good thing I didn’t know about that :wink:

Welcome to VR simming @smithcorp . I’m almost certain you will be blown away by the experience.

There’s some getting started tips, plus some recommendations of free things to play around with in the enormous VR News topic (perhaps too enormous, we tend to have mega topics here when we need to hit the ‘New Topic’ button a bit more often…):

And pretty much regardless of how old your kids are - they will all like First Contact…it is a great intro to VR…

Thanks Frog!

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@BeachAV8R and @PaulRix - thanks and yes, the 7 month delay was galling, to say the least.

I don’t change the setup for my 7yo girl. I don’t even change the headstraps. We just found a stuffed toy that fills out the straps in the back of her head. :slight_smile:


This is definitely not the fussy TIR sensor. This sensor tracks extremely well.

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