VR Intro for Kids?

Hey, just a quick Q.
I wanted to show the Oculus to my little girl, she turns seven in February.
What sort of game/dem/showreel would you play for her in VR so that she can purely enjoy it without scaring her?

Maybe I’m a bit too careful but still…

@komemiute il2 sturmovik. just a friendly fair weather sightseeing flight in daddies i16

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Hehehehe, I actually just want her to have some experiences more apt for her age…

I made a track with a very short huey flight over vegas. Probably lasts about 5 minutes. Get your guest/family member sat in place put the rift on their head press play and quickly spam f2 back to f1 so they don’t tie to the original head movements. That will make em puke immediately :astonished:
The visuals added to the jetseat if you have one is a very immersive experience to newcomers and just enjoy the reaction. You could obviously spice it up with some SAM launches or such. But I feel the chopper track gives the impression of being a front seat passenger very well

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Not a bad idea! :slight_smile:
In complete honesty, my concept was some interesting things to experience in VR not strictly related to flying.
Just like showing off to a new ensign the Holodeck of the Enterprise. Something amazing even if not directly realted to space or exploration, just how cool the Holodeck looks.

yeah well, compared to the sims, all other vr stuff is just crap. jump scares and shooting galleries.

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Oh. :confused:
Ok. Thanks.

For a seven year old girl maybe scares and shooting are off the table. I really enjoyed Henry the Hedgehog and so did my nephews
and this was fun for half an hour

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Nice! :slight_smile:

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For a 7 year old, definitely Lucky’s Tale. It’s actually a lot of fun.



:slight_smile: (we’re trying to get people to hit the button a bit more)

My daughter loves Henry :slight_smile:

Oculus Story Studio Presents Henry in VR | Oculus

But the T-Rex in Dreamdeck made her rip the headset off! :wink:

Yeah…the mean Raptors in Raptor Valley made my son cry…

The dancing industrial robots, and that small city with the airplanes flying around, was popular. I loved watching her trying to catch the planes :slight_smile:

Ouch, that’s a bit harsh @schurem. There is a lot of dross out there, but titles like Lone Echo, Fallout 4 VR and Star Trek: Bridge crew are definitely worth checking out.