DCS World Fly-In November 12-13: Hollo Pointe Mission List

This is the Hollo Pointe server mission list for the Mudspike November 2016 Fly-In. DCS Version 1.5. In no particular order, feel free to suggest a time for any of these. Many have Combined Arms. The Highway mission will close out the event Late Saturday/Sunday.

Hollo Pointe Server
Mission list for the Mudspike Fly-In November 2016:
Back Of The Hand
Erl Sis
Nuke Plant
Simply War
Tanks vs Tanks Mission Series
The Highway

Back Of The Hand, Caucasus Map
Blue COOP A-10A/C, Su-25A/T, MiG-21Bis; Red: Combined Arms
F10 All, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), 0720 09SEP


Red Democratic Republic armor and rocket artillery forces are moving through the Roki Tunnel into South Ossetia.

(Object placement using Witchcraft by [FSF]Ian)

Erl Sis Urassis, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, M-2000C, UH-1H, Ka-50; Red: Su-27, Su-25A/T; Combined Arms
F10 ALL, Labels Off or Optional*, Winter, Start 0800 10JAN


Red Democratic Republic captured oil sites and is selling crude to finance their advances. The RDR is threatening Krasnordar-Pashovsky Airbase.

Blue Liberation Front must strike back against the oil facilities to stop the enemy finances. Stop the flow of oil and the RDR will collapse. *Labels: This mission has two versions: Labels Off and Labels Optional.

Blue: F-15C, M-2000C
F10 All, Labels Optional, Start 0700 13AUG11, 3Hr Timeout


Take off from Kutaisi Airbase. Fly up the coast to Novorossiysk and turn in to land at Krasnodar-Pashkovsky.

Enemy fighters will launch …Can you manage your flight’s fuel to Novorossiysk or KP?

Nuke Plant, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C, Ka-50; Blue & Red: Combined Arms
F10 View All, Start 1900 30JUL


Destroy Four Nuke Plants
Beware lots of air defense - this mission is heavy on AD and reinforcements are pouring in.
The Red Democratic Republic (RDR) government captured four nuclear plants around Nalchik…These nuke sites contain buildings that are on the fringe of old experiments.

Simply War, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C F-15C, Ka-50, UH-1H; Red: Mig-21Bis, Su-27, Su-25A/T; Combined Arms
F10 Fog Of War, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), Start 0840 23 Jan

Blue Liberation Forces (BLF) are attacking Red toward Min-Vody Airbase.
Red has the MiG-21 and is reported to have some small number of tactical nuclear weapons for said aircraft, and threaten Blue at Mozdok.

Tanks vs Tanks Missions
Combined Arms Armor
F10 Fog Of War, 2 Hr Timeout, Four missions in the series, Next Mission Availability Radio Menu

Welcome to the Tanks vs Tanks missions.
Win by destroying the enemy armor units, and advance to the next mission.

For mission 01, Red occupies Soganlug with T-90s.
Blue has Vaziani with M1A2s.
The BULLSEYE icons are on the targets: the Blue BULLSEYE is on Soganlug and the Red BULLSEYE is on Vaziani.
At the end of the mission the Radio menu will offer a reload or next mission load.

The Highway, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, M-2000C, Hawk, L-39C/ZA, Su-25A/T, Ka-50, Mi-8MTV2, UH-1H; Blue & Red: Combined Arms
F10 ALL, Start 0900 23JUN


Recapture Novorossiysk base to win
You are northeast of Krasnodar airbase
Start at the northern tip of the lake
Fly down The Highway – stay low!

Escape and survival is the mission objective. The scenario follows a successful combat run above Krasnodar air base. All elements hit their assigned targets. Now, the A-10C’s are RTB when the entire region erupts with RDR air defense sites.

Unfortunately you have few weapons left and one path to the coast.

== End ==


Looking forward to it!! thx for Hosting.

Good to hear from you, Slowhand!

Hollo Pointe and the Fly-In missions will be on the new release - v1.5.5

Saturday - Hollo Pointe will serve up the Blue COOP mission NAVEX for 4x F-15Cs and 4x M-2000s; may run it a couple of times depending on interest.

Later on the Erl Sis mission will be up - this is the one where the Labels can be either Off or Optional through Radio menu selections. It offers Blue & Red aircraft & Combined Arms slots.