DCS World Fly-In Save The Date: November 13-15

It’s official: Mudspike is hosting a DCS World Fly-In November 13 through 15. This is the weekend after the Fallout 4 release, so we’ll see how many real DCS World fans we have out there! :wink:

DCS World 1.2 servers will be running with various multiplayer missions over the course of the entire weekend. DCS World 1.5 servers will be also be available, server and missions permitting. Missions will also have a wide variety of modules, so there should be no need to purchase anything just to join up.

Server connection details (server names, versions, passwords) will be posted on Mudspike.com the week before the event, November 7th, as well as a schedule of workshop/breakout sessions.

Voice communications (TS3) are strongly recommended, but not required for most of the event. TS3 server details will also be posted nearer to the event.

If you’ve been putting off playing multiplayer because it’s just too daunting, or if you’ve been longing to practice tactical formations or advanced BFM with a human instead of robotic AI, now is the time! Pilots of all experience levels are welcome - newcomers are encouraged to ask questions and learn from fellow players, while experts can practice/show-off their more advanced skills, and everyone can talk flight-sim shop with like-minded folks.

Have a specific request for a mission? Looking to learn more about a specific tactic or system? Post it below and we’ll see what we can arrange!


Come shoot me down, its great to have on your flight simmer resume :wink:


Will the DCS World server location be US,EU or Asia?

There will be a DCS World 1.2 server in the US for sure, and we’re working to have 1.5 servers in both the US and Europe. Geographic locations (and UTC times!) will be included with the final details!

Good to hear that an event is being hosted!

Off-topic, i sent an email to [email protected] just wanted to let you know :wink:

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Sweet! I shall try and make it… on the 1.5 servers of course!

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Sounds nice!
I think I could join you at some point if I can get a decent ping to your 1.5 version server in Europe.

thats gonna be so much fun :smiley:

Starting our practice sessions here :wink:

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And thats the practice session over. Man, how much one remembers and forgets with just a couple of months off the product.

Hopefully in better shape for the event!


@ sargoth … we did a good practice but … yeah we have some weak points … That will get them better !

:sunglasses: :+1:

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I’ll be there! raven is in town that w/e so he’ll be along, too. Been awhile since we had a Fly-In.


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Ill try to be there. Have to work all of those days, Even though I should have 2 of those days off… :rage:

Best case I will be available around 2030 EST each day.

I’ll just be getting back into town that Friday, but will try and make at least one session.

Thanks for setting it up.