DCS: World future damage model (2016-Present)

Racoon and Yo-Yo talk about the new damage model on develop by Eagle Dynamics, very interesting details has planned:

Old damage model on Spitfire Mk IX

New damage model on develop on Spitfire MkIX

and a oftopic, ED has plans to a new P-51 version centered on Normandy theater.


Yeah…that’ll be great for you guys that damage airplanes. Me…being the ace pilot that I am…never get to see the damage model in action. Never a scratch…never…




LOL! Great news anyway!

We need a damage/crash compilation set to this.


I don’t even blame you for that Mig-21, that seems its natural status, fast and on fire.


I still remember my first few landings in the Su-25T. I believe that was one of the first early ED products that had the advanced flight model…and I was just floored at how dynamic landing that thing was (and still is). Way too much fun…


Ah yes, indeed. My first few flights in the SU-25T felt like it was with a certain sense of interaction, it felt like the world was there instead of well, whatever FSX has. I miss the time when FSX’ visuals didn’t matter to me.

Man you just brought back memories of my first DCS flights, I had the same reaction lol. I just remember staring at my screen confused and in awe as my Su-25 cartwheeled down the runway shedding parts left and right.

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…and kept happening ever since, when you try to land it again! :joy:
Sorry sorry, was too good to pass on it. :wink:

Thats not wholly inaccurate lol

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LOL, I know.
Why? Because that was actually MY experience! :smile:
Now, if we were talking about this plane…

…I wouldn’t even complain- any accident could only improve its shape and aerodynamics!

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Huh… I’m not familiar with the Il-40… but I immediately thought of the Il-102 which it turns out was the further development of the the Il-40. Not gonna lie, the Il-102 is one of my fav oddball soviet aircraft.


It does look remarkably logical in its development. Considering the advancements that other russian planes had in thei operative life- I wonder what could’ve become of this!


Glowing Amraam showed us the new projectile impact effects on the forums.


Looking good!

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Glowing Amraam mercilessly presses his attack so we can get a good view of the new impact effects on aircraft. He did so over on the forums.


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Does this mean the AI will finally suffer similar/same effects as players when taking hits? i.e. a BB gun to a radiator causing a coolant leak that slowly drags down performance?

Seeing the visual effects improved is nice, but thus far my major gripe has been that DCS WWII takes catastrophic damage to kick the AI out of the fight.


It should soon change, an improved DM is in the works. Afaik currently DCS just operates with hitpoint bars for AI units.

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I believe I remember they said so. They gave an example where on the B-17 some systems are present on one of the engines that are not reduntantly present on the others (I believe it was the inner left one but don’t quote me on that). The AI will even attempt to actively target such components if they can dial in the shot on such locations.