DCS World is anyone running Windows 11

I have upgraded to DCS World 2.9 and I am wondering whether or not to update Windows 11?

I am using the Open BETA MT and concerned that my minimal system will not be playable at all, if it even works.

Anyone have experience with Windows 11?

Runs fine but unless you need Win 11 for some reason I don’t really see a point in an update. I did update about 6 months ago, never experienced any issues, but of course YMMV.

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DCS doesn’t care at this time about it.
The reasons to go to 11 are more about security and feature updates as MS has effectively ended parallel 10/11 development and 11 is now their focus.
As far as PC hardware, I’ve not seen any evidence that 11 wants any more than 10 does. If you run 10 ok, you’ll run 11 ok. I mean 11 is more like 10.1 or maybe 10.5 at most.


Do you have any sources on this? As far as I am aware, 10 is still well within it’s support period.

Support and development are not the same thing.

Windows 10 is in Long Term support,
It will receive patches for security and such, but no new features will be developed.

Also, Windows 7,8, 10 → 11 Free Upgrade finally went offline a few weeks ago.