DCS World JTAC Question(s)

So I really haven’t used JTAC since the A-10C came out years and years ago. I am trying to start using it again since, for me at least, it adds an immersion aspect.

I do have some questions though.

I made a mission and I was able to use JTAC no problem but I need to know what the procedure is for switching weapons.

So my load out was 2xAGM65L, 4x GBU-54, 7x Laser Rockets, 1150 gun.

JTAC requested 65Ls for the attack on a column of 5 tanks. No problem, JTAC lased and I fired. Called for a reengage and fired another 65L. 2 tanks destroyed and JTAC called shift to lase the 3rd tank.

Im out of 65s at this point, JTAC never called for a different weapon. Do i check out and recommit or what?

Just use a different weapon or check out if you’re winchester or don’t carry anything fit for the job. The weapon selection of the JTAC in DCS is not very elaborate so I tend to overrule him most of the time. There are no consequences to attacking with a different weapon.

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Hmm OK. I dropped a GBU-54 and he called abort and said I dropped on the wrong target. It was his lase too.

For those visiting in the future…

From my pile of notes ("Misc. DCS Issues and Workaround). This is a partial list (what I could find right away) compiled over the last 2-3 years while trying to get the JTAC/FAC-A to do stuff I could count on. Some of it may be incorrect or corrected by now. In no particular order

AFAC Stuff omitted here


AI Unit

  • Built-in audio for IR Mav’s seem to be missing; for weapons you hear, “…use _____” - the weapon type is blank.
  • Don’t seem to use MK-80 series bombs.

F-18 BLK20

  • The frequency must be on COMM2, not 1, for normal freqs 133.0 etc: Not sure this is accurate anymore

FAC/JTAC Designate Range Criteria



IR-Pointer 3NM

Laser 5NM

WP-Laser(?) 8NM Think this means Laser-guided WP rockets?

Ground-based JTAC: Laser designation max 3NM.

You can assign the task to the JTAC anytime but the above designations won’t be used until the JTAC is within the given range, ie; an AFAC can be assigned to attack a group anywhere but if you contact them when they are outside those ranges you will get a “Type 3” and “No Mark” - cus they can’t see the target yet (or you I imagine).

Not sure if they ever change the designation, after the first call with “No Mark”, once they do get within range. Even if they do you’d need to communicate this to the player - they would have to RTFM. Best practice is to wait until the JTAC is within designation range then tell them to “contact JTAC frequency 123.4”

Weapons Request Criteria

  • Since 2.8, JTACs can now name AGM-65E and AGM-65F (e.g. “request AGM-65E”). ✅
  • Devs told me that JTACs are programmed to ask for cannon when the target is “soft” (truck , light tank). Example: if you target a T-72, JTAC will ask for GBUs. If you target a truck, JTACs will ask for cannon (unless your ammo is depleted). This is expected behavior.
    • I’ve found that the above is true IF you are packing MK-8x’s. With Mk-20 Rockeyes he will ask for them with soft targets. Obviously not tested very possib
  • An issue is yet to be solved: when an aircraft carries a gunpod, JTACs answer “request [nothing]” (reported in another thread).


From the Net:

"What Type of 9-line is it

• unit with line of sight - type 2 in effect (can lase)

• unit without line of sight - type 3 in effect (no mark)

in certain circumstances i.e. looking through a fence, the JTAC can see the Target but not lase it."

The JTAC will only fire the laser for 5 minutes, so you should call laser ON just prior to dropping your GBU-12.

Thanks, AFAIK in DCS this translates to

Type 2: Individual Attacks, the designated target marked by smoke, laser or pointer

Type 3: A location co-ordinate and general area to engage

Which type a DCS JTAC uses is determined by line of sight, rather than the number of enemy units.

The ground JTAC unit has many problems. No mark means it does not have clear line of sight or is out of range.

Its better to use UAV as JTAC. It will find the targets and lase them.


DCS JTAC doesn’t always give you an ‘arc’ for inbound heading. Seems the FAC-A does but the JTAC does not. JTAC will say “Egress north/south/east/west” and it appears they still require the reciprocal of ‘east’. It seems to take into consideration magnetic variation but then, not sure.