DCS World: Mirage-2000 C -- The Hunter Is Here

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Known for their high-quality aircraft for Flight Simulator X, Razbam Simulations has entered the digital battleground of Digital Combat Simulator with their rendering of Dassault’s Mirage 2000C. The Mirage 2000C is a stylish aircraft – sleek and classy. Un Fier Héritage The French jokes will come — c’est la vie — but I hope the jokers out there who have…


Excellent read - thanks @EinsteinEP!

With the amount of french in that article, this is the only thing I could think of.


“What could it be, it’s a mirage, you’re scheming on a thing, that’s sauvetage!”

Best line in the review! :smiley:

Great read. Personally, I’m going to wait on this one. (WHAT???) Yeah. I want to wait until it leaves beta, is shipped with some training missions, and is as feature complete as it can be enough to strip the beta out of the title. Why? Well, call it preservation of wonderment. More and more I’m leaning toward booting up modules that give me the experience I’m looking for - the incremental steps of learning to bring the beast alive, learning to navigate it, fight it, handle emergencies, then work my way into single missions and then a campaign. The Hawk and C-101 are good examples of aircraft that came out a bit too early and with not enough of a feature set (with regards to training, missions, campaigns). I’d rather pay $60 for a complete module than $14.99 on a huge sale (that we might not see again according to ED) and really immerse myself in the experience.

I’m looking forward to exploring the Mirage once it has some of those things done…and this was a great preview of the quality that it looks like it will have once it is presented with a non-beta bow on top. Thanks for the write up!


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Yes. The Mirage practically requires a new Bill et John Episode. Are those guys still around? :smiley:

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Good article. I can certainly understand waiting for it to come out of beta. I am having fun with it though and it is very satisfying to finally have a western aircraft with a clickable cockpit. What I particularly like is that it is so foreign in terms of symbology on the HUD, radar scope, different close combat modes, weapons etc. It is just neat to see how our western allies do things differently yet similar…if that can be correct. :smiley:

I also love the feel of her, the flight model with the French version of fly-by-wire is just so different than the F-15C. It is a joy to fly.

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Great Read! It was a spot on review. For you who want to wait, I understand. Don’t spend money on something in Beta… BTW, is the A-10C still in Beta?
As far as I am concerned, I am having a blast with this module. It has more hours than any other modules in my 2.0 install. I have logged more hours in the Mirage than in the MiG-15. And that is really saying something. It is different and fun. I really like the APP mode in the ILS. The weapons are a bit challenging. It gets your attention when you throw away a missile. “Yikes, I only have one Magic left and 2 SU(semi useless) 530’s left”. So it makes me pay attention. I don’t have 8 missiles to play with.
A lot of buttons are not yet programmed. A lot of functionality is yet missing. I suspect RAZBAM was under pressure to release on Christmas. However, NONE of the stuff missing is a game killer. That said, if no support comes forth, I will be upset with what has been sold. I have great belief that a company like RAZBAM will deliver the goods with regular updates. They have been around and plan to be around for more releases.
So far I have flown the M2 against the MiG-15, 21, 23 and 29. It was easy to make a quick mission in Nevada then just change the enemy a/c. The '15 and the '29 are the most challenging so far. Guns, GUNS, GUNS! This is the knife fight in a phone booth I have been looking for.


Any of you who are still in doubt about whether or not to buy this module, read this: post by Baltic_dragon

Baltic_dragon made the Enemy Within DLC, which is generally seen as the most realistic campaign ever made for DCS. This is VERY good news for all Mirage 2000 pilots!!

And he is looking for voice actors, please check this thread

Btw, is there a better way to tie this to both threads than just copying this post to the other thread? Edit: posted a link to this post to keep it central. Guess that’s the way to go? @fearlessfrog


Anyway, how about the systems - radar, etc.? This aircraft is still in use, arent the systems still classified? Or 2000C is ‘too old’ to be classified?
…just wondering…

There are some declassified manuals, although not of this exact version. Devs seem to have a good picture of how the radar works and quite some other systems as well. It is hard to tell, but the fact that they cannot use the word “Mirage” in the official module name, but instead have to call it “M-2000C” gives the impression that Dassault has not been very helpful. It appears that information on some of the more obscure systems is classified.

I don’t understand it either, as the Mirage 2000C is still being used by the French Air Force, but there is a lot of declassified information on all the most important systems (radar, weapons employment, INS, radios, hydraulics, flight control, fuel, etc etc.)

Lucky for us!