DCS World News and Q&A for October 4th, 2015

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Thanks for the video, and for answering my question, Wags! :slight_smile:

Matt, your answer to question 25 regarding carrier landing area and IFLOS (eye-flaws) is partially incorrect. He’s referring to the painted carrier box on runways, IFLOS, the visual glidepath aide on carriers, and rigged arresting gear. All three are standard on naval and marine air stations from which carrier aircraft operate.

That being said, I don’t think there are any fields within the NTTR map area that would have those. I believe the closest field with a carrier box and IFLOS would be Point Mugu or El Centro. However, Nellis has BAK-12 type arresting gear rigged and other military fields in the area are likely to have some type of arresting gear. It would be nice to have that implemented so that emergency aircraft with hooks could take a trap instead of trying to land with braking or directional control issues.

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Isn’t NAS Fallon just north of the area?

Yes, in fact in the video Matt mentions that it’s on the outer “low detail” area and likely won’t be represented in game.

Fallon has gear and an IFLOS but no carrier box.

The Virtual 476th Fighter Squadron seems to do pretty good things with ranges and training areas - hopefully once NTTR is released they might do some mods that we would all find interesting. Whenever the Hornet is released it sure would be cool to have some sort of NOLF to practice at…

vLSO is a pretty cool package for FSX…



Hopefully when the hornet is released a carrier is not too far behind.

@ boomerang10. something like this.

I love the f-111

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Oh, as well @boomerang10 see that beautiful F-111 above :smile:

That looks pretty nice @BeachAV8R. Reminds me, I should take a F-15 up high on 1.5, see if I can see a curvature up there… (oops, I got mixed up with your link to https://xtremeprototypes.com/en/ - I’ll leave it as evidence…)

@fearlessfrog gotcha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I could be wrong but I don’t believe that most naval airfields have a arresting cable setup similar to what is used on carrier decks. I believe the first time most naval aviators “trap” is on the carrier itself. I know there a set up like this at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md. Where they do carrier suitability testing. Not sure if wags was referring to this one or another.

Like you mention most naval air stations have the painted box off to the side of one of the runways where they can practice “bouncing”. Many military airfields, including Air Force, have an emergency arresting gear just in case.

It’s not the same as on the boat, it’s typically a single wire across the approach and departure ends of the runway. It’s not for practicing traps and its only intended use is to stop emergency aircraft with issues related to braking, directional control, landing gear, etc.

There are various types, such as the BAK-12 that are simply rigged across the runway and others, like the BAK-14 found at Creech, that are housed inside a slot in the pavement until it is raised when needed.

Some info about field arresting gear:

I’ve seen that F-111 video before, it’s pretty amazing.

Ok,I just wasn’t sure if the question that Wags answered was suggesting that we should be able to practice trapping on an airfield. I agree that it would be nice to have a place complete with IFlos to practice carrier approaches and be able to call and declare an emergency and request the arresting gear.

I actually got to see a -16 use that system at Bagram.

Yeah…I got to see an F-15C use it at Langley once…pretty wild…


There are quite a few joint civil military airfields that have arrester cables at the ends. We have briefs and procedures enabling us to “trample” the cables at very low speeds, but they have always been “de-rigged” when I have been there. (cable lays in a narrow trench in the runway when de rigged).

Updated range objects now available and working in DCS World 1.5.

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I’ve seen many F-15 take the barrier. Pretty cool. Most Bases with Fighter jets have the cables at both ends of the runway. One the bases we were TDY to they had to string the cable across once the IFE was called.

That cable and the hook and frame of a 16/15 aren’t made for carrier type catching. You catch it at the other end of the runway where your speed is alot lower.

Many navy air stations at least have the lines painted on teh runway and a place to put a mobile ball.
I suggested something like that a while ago and did some research on it, and joey from the ED forums created something to place in DCSW:

It has one or two bugs unfortunately (for example AI acting like the runway it blocked although you can’t collide with it), but joey is still working on it. He is also working on that trailer with the ball on it.

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Dude…that is awesome! I’m gonna have to take the Su-33 there when he has it all finished with the trailer… Nice!