DCS World News, Q&A and Gameplay for August 9th 2015

Here is the DCS World News, Q&A and Gameplay for August 9th 2015.

DCS: L-39 Albatros: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/albatros/

The first half of this video is devoted to DCS World news and doing a little Q&A. The second half is gameplay of the L-39C in DCS World 1.5.


Thanks @wagmatt! I missed the stream while building my new flight chair :-).

Thanks for the updates! I (I think I can safely say we*) appreciate the work you and Eagle Dynamics are putting into this.

  • If you do not agree with my use of ‘we’, then I pre-pologize.

Cool. If you refuse to listen to @wagmatt’s dulcet tones in the video (you fool) then here’s a quick summary of the ED News and Q&A session. As punishment of video watching refusal, I’ve inserted a fictional piece of news of my own which is left as a reader exercise to try spot:

Eagle Dynamic News:

  • Thanks to @bunyap2w1 this will only be ED news rather than 3rd parties from now on. (waves tiny fist at @bunyap2w1) :smile:

  • L-39 cockpit, missions and docs are all going well. Still due September this year.

  • F/A-18C Hornet cockpit going well. HMD dials and other issues proceeding nicely. F/A-18C images in the video (hint, go watch it).

  • F-15C flight model updates looking good (AoA/Rudder feeback) and due to be updated in 1.5.

  • New GUI for DCS World in 1.5, unified .exe that uses the 3D sim within the front-end, i.e. things like payload editors and skins can be seen using the render engine. (Nice!)

  • Matt say’s his Windows 10 update experience has been good. He doesn’t have all the peripherals but it is running nicely, and perhaps even a small perf improvement too.

Forums Q&A

Q1. Satellite placement in the mission editor for Black Seas map as well?

A. Yes! Same ability as NTTR, will be able to easily place in the Caucasus’s map too.

Q2. HTC Vive VR going well? Can you see gauges or distances in objects nicer than the Rift DK2?

A. Don’t know, early days. Integration is going well but only really just got going with it.

Q3. Any general bug fixes for DCS World, i.e. log book fixes etc for release 1.5?

A. Yes, 1.5 is really DCS 2 minus the new map. So things are being fixed too.

Q4. How will the upgrade to 1.5 happen?

A. The usual beta channel mechanism (assuming Steam too, although not confirmed). Once 1.5 comes out of beta then 2.0 could be beta channel and so on etc.

Q5. New explosion effects going well?

A. Yes, although the Effects Department (I’m imagining a frosted glass door with ‘Effects’ written on it and lots of noises come from that room) although performance is key here. Ongoing.

Q6. Dedicated Server in 1.5 release?

A. Probably not, but probably in 1.5 open beta program, so a bit further down the line nearer to 1.5 gold.

Q7. Any chance of the MiG 25 Foxbat module being added?

A. Nope, none planned but ideal info for the wishlist rather than weekly news.

Q8. Improved ATC in 1.5 open beta?

A. Looking unlikely, still ongoing with a massive amount of work i.e. voice-overs etc. Probably open beta of 2.0 as a guess. Will use the older system in 1.5.

Q9. Partner again with Thrustmaster for the F/A-18C controller, like the A10C/Warthog?

A. Nothing to announce, but it’s a good idea.

Q10. Visibility icons visible through airframe and ground targets?

A. No to through airframe, yes to ground units.

Q11. Is it true the L-39 front-seat student hood will be used for people that make things up in Q&A summaries?

A. No, that is just made up, although the L-39 does feature retractable RATS so you’ll be fine.


Love the L-39!
Will there be a civilized version without the sight?