DCS World News, Q&A and Video for 6 September 2015



I’m not a big DCS MP player, so wasn’t really aware of any big AIM120C vs R77 dust-up, but I imagine that people do like to get behind their ‘teams’ for sure.

If real-life is ‘unbalanced’, and the sim is played in MP without real-word constraints like ordnance restrictions, pilot or team training, battlefield awareness/support tech (EWR, targeting etc) then I guess people will get miffed if they don’t win. It’s a sim vs game issue I guess.

It’s also hard to get right if some of the systems just don’t have honest to goodness public hard data on their capabilities too.

Switching topics, that winter tileset does look nice in 1.5! For the last landing I thought the instructor in the other seat should have took over though :wink:


Working the weekend! Nice video…!

Gotta do what I can to get 1.5 out :wink: