DCS World Open Beta 1.5 Changelog

Say what you want about ED - but they do work tirelessly on pushing this series along…



hey, looks like they also sneaked in that new informative interface on external screens we’ve been seeing in the streams lately

Oh that’s nice info, especially the heading. I’d like to see remaining fuel, too. Can you still cycle it off with LCntrl-Y?


Yep! :smile:



so many changelogs around here :sunglasses:

Update 2 has arrived!

And for me, these two items are important:

  • Missing rivets on right-side drag chute tube added.
  • Missing screws on top-side wing fuel tank panels added.

Not really. I think this points out a characteristic of both the player base and the developers when this kind of detail is found and fixed. :smile:

Enough diversion to poke fun at both the players and the developers. On to the list!

DCS World

  • Encyclopedia. A number of corrections.
  • Crash when you try take control Su-25, without DRM protection activation is fixed.
  • Multiplayer chat icon (envelope) can be hidden/unhidden by LCTRL-LSHIFT-Y kombo.
  • Fixed bug with AI Wingmen colliding with each other while taxiing to the player waiting them on the runway .
  • The laser rangefinders of russian tanks will paint laser warning sensors during ATGM launch.
  • Partial fix for ATI R9 3xx videocard.


  • Z-fighting objects on FLIR view are eliminated.


  • Added Chinese cockpit textures for Su-27.
  • Deviation bars on ADI will work in the new MiG-29 cockpit.
  • MiG-29 rudder pedals animation in the cockpit is corrected.


  • A start on runway with maximum wind crash is fixed.


  • Skin “US AirForce FU-178”, corrected tail number texture.
  • Flaps actuators corrected.


  • Fixed bug with progress of 11th mission Mi-8.

DCS L-39

  • Corrected the throttle button geometry.
  • Corrected incockpit pilot’s skin.

DCS MiG-21Bis

  • Windows Registry entry moved to HKCU/Eagle Dynamics.
  • All keys have had activations replenished.
  • Note: It is recommended to manually update and follow these steps:

Cancel any automatic update prompt.
Deactivate module.
Delete all Leatherneck Simulations’ MiG-21Bis Windows Registry entries.
Execute manual update.
Restart Windows, and activate module.
If successful, users should not be asked to reactivate after future updates.

  • LOD models optimized.
  • Incorrect ASO texture replaced.
  • Radome axis of movement fixed.
  • Double cockpit in low graphic settings fixed.
  • TacNumbers holes fixed.
  • Added more variation of Russian TacNumbers
  • Added Eastern Arabic TacNumbers.
  • Changed material setting from mirror to aluminum.
  • Landing gear’s external lights now come on only at full extension.
  • Remodeled external pilot’s visor and is now transparent with specular.
  • Navigation lights during the day are now bigger in “Bright” mode.
  • Missing panel lines and sealant on external canopy/windscreen added.
  • Missing rivets on right-side drag chute tube added.
  • Missing screws on top-side wing fuel tank panels added.
  • UVs for middle fuselage flipped 180 degrees to fix NMp errors.
  • Liveries adjusted for UV flip.
  • New normal and specular textures.


  • RU localization updated

  • DE localization updated

  • Chinese localization added (WIP). There is still much to do.
    Note: The Chinese localization is still WIP and a subject to change, so at the moment it has a number of issues with correct Chinese characters displaying. Some parts cannot be displayed in Chinese (now it’s a few elements of the CA interface as well as callsigns). We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Oo, want to see that Chinese Su-27!

The updater is trying out a new torrent method, with the update coming in at about 1 GB for the full module set. It may need some open-beta-y tweaking, but coming down slowly but surely. If you cancel the ‘Torrenting the update files…’ dialog it offers you the chance to all back to a straight HTTP method (which I think is throttled a bit).

Also watching out for the updated DCS World Steam build:

EDIT: Fiddling with it now, can’t seem to get the Customized Cockpit on the Su-27 to work with Chinese. Hmm, I wonder how (I tried the Options/Native Lang setting too, as well as the Special / FC3 bit).

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“- Skin “US AirForce FU-178”, corrected tail number texture.”

I reported that one! That makes me feel all fuzzy.


I’m getting antsy waiting for this to go outta beta, normally I hop right on these betas but I just can’t justify the size of the dl for the amount of bugs its got… well… had lol

You’ve used 1.5 though right? That is definitely worth the update bandwidth over 1.2, at least to check out the new graphics render tech.

No I haven’t snagged it yet, I’m really excited about the new graphics they look amazing. Plus on a personal note the new flares look awesome, the ones we have now were such a step back in my opinion. But if I dl it now, in a month (probably) it’ll go prime time and ill be stuck downloading it again lol

1.5 uses Direct X 11 right?

It does. On a decent DX11 generate GPU, I’ve found you get about 3 times the frame rate on the same hardware - which really helps how fluid it feels to fly. A pretty big step up for sure.