DCS World Skinning Questions and Resources

Updating this thread to be a general resource, I know I’ll have more questions and hopefully other can ask and provide info as time goes on.


Anyone have any experience with reskinning the side gunners on the UH-1?

I’m trying to reskin the helmets and nothing I try is working. Sometimes the patches with show up on only the right gunner but not the left. And no matter what I try the helmets for both the pilots or the gunners aren’t showing up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is it properly referenced in your description.lua file?

As far as I can tell, I even downloaded another persons skin and replaced their file with mine and made sure the same was correct and it still didn’t work. :thinking:

False means it looks for it in the skin file
True means it looks outside the skin file… right?

False means it should look for the second quoted file name inside the folder.

Here’s an example:

livery = {

--Diffuse  -----------------------------------

{"HB_F14_EXT_01", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_01",false};
{"HB_F14_EXT_02", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_02",false};
{"HB_F14_EXT_03", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_03",false};
{"HB_F14_EXT_04", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_04",false};
{"HB_F14_EXT_TAIL", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_TAIL",false};
{"HB_F14_WING_LEFT_01", 0 ,"HB_F14_WING_LEFT",false};
{"HB_F14_WING_RIGHT", 0 ,"HB_F14_WING_RIGHT",false};
{"HB_F14_TCS", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_TCS",false};
{"HB_F14_EXT_PYLONS", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_PYLONS_01",false};
{"HB_F14_EXT_LAU-7", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_LAU_7",false};
{"HB_F14_LOD1_3in1", 0 ,"HB_F14_LOD1_3in1",false};
{"HB_F14_EXT_PILOT_SUIT", 0 ,"HB_F14_EXT_PILOT_SUIT",false};
name = "USN Camo Toy"

--countries = {"USA", "RUS", "FRA", "UKR", "SPN", "NETH", "TUR", "BEL", "GER", "NOR", "CAN", "DEN", "UK", "GRG", "ISR", "ABH", "RSO"}

I copied and pasted both the color and normal files for the pilot skins in case I wanted to change them. Sometimes LODs also have the skins on different files.

Well a little more fiddling with the description file and now I have no textures for helmets… :triumph:

I don’t know what I did but it works now!


Another Mudspike Miracle! :grin:


So… I have a question about DCS skins too…
I was doing F14 skins and noticed that the two fins under the engines (one each) have a grill.
Both on the same side.

But when I look at the real life pictures of tomcat those aren’t there…

Can anyone sold this mystery?
@TBear @PorcoRosso86?

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You mean these inlets?

The other side.

I’m not sure, but I seem that grid or in left fin but inside or right fin outside. IDK the criteria about it.

Can’t say I’ve seen one.

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Yeah, I expressed my self really bad.
Inner side of the fins.

I can say the intake is on both strakes:

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Great! Thanks!

I wonder how hard it’d be to learn skinning from zero knowledge…

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It’s much easier than you think.
I could teach you!

It’s the AAMS.

Advanced Anti Mosquitos System


Maybe this is a dumb question but is it possible to make non chrome textures look chromed? Say you wanted to do a all chrome F-18 (I don’t actually wanna do this but the question still stands) as an example.

Yes, you’d just have to modify some different textures where there might not be templates. See this example:

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