DCS World Stable Branch Update


DCS 1.5.3 Update 3 will be pushed to public today.

DCS World

  • Spanish names added for the airfields
  • Corrected gun strafing of AI for some cases
  • Corrected of AI group ship attack
  • Added russian translaion of Ka-50 Republic campaign
  • Triggered messages will not stay in middle part of screen after radio menu has been disappeared
  • Fixed crash after recovering player’s aircraft
  • Issue with appearing of briefing images from previous mission fixed
  • 3rd parties radar detect late activation aircraft before they are activated fixed
  • Added Oculus 1.3 SDK suppport for CV1 Rift

DCS Ka-50

  • Damaging the right side will not always causes both hydros to fail
  • Shkval TV will be affected by candle (illumination) munitions
  • Added Russian localisation to Republic campaign


  • Corrected input of speedbrakes in Game Mode (Easy Avionics)
  • Added M-117 bombs
  • Control stick gun trigger will have two-stage
  • Added corrected flight manuals EN and RU
  • Added training missions
  • Landing gear emergency implemented
  • Corrected Hellenic Air Force skins
  • Guns heating and cooling adjusted
  • Input presets for “SideWinder FFB 2” fixed


  • Su-27. Extreme G-loads will lead to destruction of airframe
  • Su-25. Misaligned the reticle of gunsight and actual aim point is fixed

DCS Hawk by VEAO

  • Updated cockpit textures – Set High, Medium or Low in Options, Special, Hawk tab. (High – 4096, Medium – 2048, Low 1024)


  • Engine failure trigger corrected
  • Cargo rope will appears correct for new client


  • Fixed bug that cause server crash when client takes Stinger SAM

DCS L-39

  • L-39ZA: Radio button on throttle will clickable
  • Corrected views during ejecting sequence
  • Corrected flaps animation


  • Fixed missing recoil on right minigun
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