DCS: World Texture DLCs

Also good improvements on FLIR imaging !

Well, ok. I’m sold. :smiley:
While not an instabuy, I don’t think I can resist too long. :slight_smile:
Plus it’s always nice to show support.

Finished the thread referenced in the first post.
:frowning: It’s so sad to see so many negative opinions- It’s really like no one takes a second to rationalize before spouting nonsense.

Congratz to Starway in any case- amazing job.

Yep, I’m getting this next paycheck :grin:

I’m not sure how different it looks from Starway’s FREE Northern Europe Mod. From the videos, it looks very similar. I’m not sure the difference is going to be worth $15.00. I would love to see some comparison screenshots with the DLC and the NE Mod.

All textures are unique to this map.


Just one question though,
this texture pack won’t mean incompatibility with those without the texture pack will it?

I’m gonna guess no…like it is just a texture update…sort of like if someone was using Tom’s Hi-Tiles in Falcon versus someone that wasn’t. That’s my guess anyway…

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looks rather lovely - I’d happily spend 15 dubloons for what must an absolute ton of texturing work.

EDIT: That said, i’d pay even more for a geometry update. Some of those mountains are a bit too triangular for my tastes…


Price has dropped to $9.99 and the release date will be May 6th! Nice!

Looking forward to this!



I hope that drop is not because of people complaining. I thought that 15.00 was more than fair to charge for a complete texture overhaul of the map.

I’ll miss my meadow of wild flowers…

Yeah, same. Any reason for the drop @wagmatt?

I am sure that the price reduction was not overly influenced by complaints, simply because if ED based their pricing structure on forum complaints everything in the store would have to be a dollar and people would still post their dissatisfaction.

This is probably the normal jockeying of price/value to get the most customers to say “sure, ok.”
I think this is a good call on everyone’s part in this, even though I was willing to spend 15 like the rest of you. Since it is in effect a mod, it needs to be widely adopted to be a success and not a hindrance. The lower price will go a long way to establishing it as the defacto standard for the caucasus map. Hopefully Starway will make up the difference in the larger volume of purchases.

The only person who loses in this is Near_Blind, who doesn’t think there is enough snow.


I am on strike! I will remain on strike until my, the individual DCS users demands are met! Such injustice!


I was on the fence about this one (blah blah, why aren’t the developers simply updating the textures themselves, etc.) but I figure for $10, and how well-made they appear, it’s worth repaying that guy for his hard work considering how much more enjoyable these will make low altitude flying.

Did you ever see his south east asia mod?


Didn’t realize he was a Canadian at heart!

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We feel the cost should be more in line with that of a DLC campaign.


Thanks for the input!
Also a very nice move. :slight_smile:

The Vietnam Textures are absolutely fantastic… how would it work for a fly in? :wink:

Sounds reasonable, thanks Matt!