DCS World - UH-1H - Base Attack

✪✪✪ Hi Everyone ! ✪✪✪

►This is a single player mission i made quickly in DCS World after i was training a bit in the UH-1H Huey Escorted with 2 AH-64D Apache. mission is to destroy the enemy base while the AH-64D’s will take out the AAA while me in the UH-1H Huey will take out the buildings and logistics. ◄

Hope you will enjoy this dcs world UH-1H Huey gameplay !

►►►►Don’t Be shy and leave a comment below :slight_smile: ! ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄

►Nub’s Equipment ◄

i5-2500 3.30Ghz
24 GB Ram
ASUS Nvidia Geforce 770GTX
Samsung 120 GB SSD
HyperX 480GB SSD
Westren Digital 250 GB HDD + 2 External HDD 4.5 TB
Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog
TrackHat Clip
Razor Tiamat 2.2 Headset


Very nice. Love the ingress with the Apaches, the scenes reminded me of the old Gunship. Turn off the extra panels for your next video :slight_smile:


Love the Apaches…made me think of this:


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Silly me. I never noticed the rudder (anti-torque) ball at the top of that gunsight…

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thanks :slight_smile: will remove all the stuff next time so im a rookie still in the huey :stuck_out_tongue:

lol great link and thanks ! :slight_smile:

took me even more time to find a thumb nail picture of a huey and apache flying togather xD but felt awsome to fly like that in formation… wish we would get some gunship for NATO soon :slight_smile:

Loved the video! Flyby views were cool as well as those Apaches in formation.

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ty very much @RedBravo65 cant wait for the day we could take over it and fly some deadly formations :laughing:

Everyone of us was thinking that the minute we read UH-1 Base Attack. Leave it to @BeachAV8R to figure out a way to satisfy those cravings :slight_smile:

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Early days in the Huey inspired a specific logbook photo. :slight_smile:


you dont want to see my logbook xD

but i like yours @chipwich :+1: