DCS World Video News and Q&A for October 25th, 2015

Latest news and gameplay video from @wagmatt

Also provided was a nice Q&A transcript for the M-2000C here:

Air refueling
Q: Will air to air refueling be modeled?
A: Yes. Air refueling will be modeled.

Q: Any plans for a larger probe&drogue western tanker?
A. Yes. We have some ideas for an AdA KC-135.

Q: I’ve heard the real M2000C has a removable refueling probe. Is it removable in the DCS Version?
A. No. It is not removable at this time. We will see if it will be removed, depending on nationality.

INS and Navigation
Q: Will we have to convert coordinates to input into the INS like the FSX implementation? Follow on question - will we still input coordinates in reverse into the INS?
A: No. The coordinates input will be different from the FSX implementation, including normal input.

Q: How does the synthetic runway display work?
A: The syntethic runway is used during ILS approaches and landings. It always displays a 3000 m x 42 m runway, independently of the real runway length and width. It is an aid meant to be used during low visibility conditions, since it shows the exact position of the real runway.

Q: Does Razbam will use the DCS World navigation files (beacons.lua and similar) for the navigation data used in the M-2000C (ILS data for example) for the current (Black Sea) and future (NTTR, SoH…) maps?
A: Yes. The aircraft will use the map’s navigation aids.

Q: How many waypoints can fit into M2000C INS ?
A: The INS can hold 20 waypoints, but each waypoint memory can hold the following information:
a. WP Lat/Lon Coordinates
b. WP Altitude
c. WP Glideslop and Runway heading, should the WP happens to be an airport.
d. Desired route and desired flight time,
e. Calculate an additional WP by using difference between WP Lat/Lon and the new one.
d. Calculate an additional WP by using polar coordinates (bearing and distance)

Q: Can we save more than one route in the INS, like in the A-10C?
A: No. The INS can only store a single route. The real device uses data cartridges with different routes that can be changed in-flight but that means deleting the current one when loading the new one.

Q: Is it possible to preset programmed navation routes, targets such as the A-10C and Ka-50 using its computer?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the waypoint visible on HUD ? Does M2000C have anything similar to mark points ? How the navigation / ground points designation (if available) sorted out ?
A: Yes. In NAV mode it will show you the bearing to the next WP. In A-G mode, the next WP becomes the target point.

Q: will INU overfly to update INU and reduce drift be implemented?
A. Yes. But that feature will be available after the Open Beta.

Q: How is the Mirage autopilot ?
A: It is a simple implementation. It has four modes:
a. Attitude Hold, which is connected by default when activating the AP.
b. Altitude Hold, which holds the current aircraft altitude.
c. Select Altitude Hold, which holds the altitude selected by the altitude selector (the group of drums below the AP panel ligths).
e. Glideslope and Approach hold mode. For automatic landings.

Q: can the autopilot follow the waypoints by itself ?
A: No. The AP will not follow any waypoint.

Q: And will we have an auto land function? (I’m not sure if the mirage 2000c has this ability).
A: Yes, this feature will be available after the Open Beta.

Flight Model
Q: Will the aircraft be released in december with EFM or SFM (later to be upgraded to EFM)?
A: It depends on the status of the EFM at that time.

Q: What info can be said in regards to ----Take off and Landing Physics
A: All I can say that it will follows as close as possible those of the real aircraft.

Q: PFM ? … Avionic system real ?
A: All the avionics will be simulated.

Q: When will we see the EFM model applied to the aircraft?
A: When we feel that it is ready for showtime. :slight_smile: At this time it is not even an Alpha.

Q: With the M2000C being the first flyable fully Fly-by-Wire aircraft in DCS, is the Fly-by-Wire system a proper full fidelity simulation and what are it’s most important implications for the flight model ingame?
A: The FBW system follows as close as possible the FBW rules of the real aircraft. Unfortunately there is not much open information available so many of the rules will be informed guesswork.

Q: Will we be able to override the Fly-By-Wire system by bypassing the flight computer (as is the case with the Flanker)?
A: Yes, and believe me that you won’t want to use it. “Difficult to fly” does not even describe what you will face with a disconnected FBW.

Q: engine overspeed inflight (‘the need for speed’)
A: All aircraft’s frame and engines limitations will be modeled.

Q: What are the turning rates at cornering speeds per 5,000 feet up to 15000 and what are the cornering speeds at each?
A: We cannot answer those at this time. We are starting a series of test flights with our beta tester to see if we can match the values of the real aircraft. Our goal is to get as close as possible to the real numbers.

Q: What kind of documentation will be available at release? (quick guide vs full manual)
A: At Open Beta, you will have a full Fligth Manual. Some of the features will probably not be available and the manual will indicate so.

Q: What languages will the cockpit be available in on launch?
A: For Open Beta it will be French only. For full release, it will be based on Nationality, meaning French and English.

Q.Will the Mirage launch with a campaign for the NTTR or the Black Sea map or both?
A: For both on full release.

Q: Will ARMAT be included?
A: That has not been decided yet. It is a contentious issue among us, the developers, and one that we have pushed as far back as possible. There are too many things to develop before we can take our time considering the fate of the ARMAT.

Q: Can you give us more info on How guided bombs will work?
Q: Will the M2000 be able to utilize the JTAC functionality within DCS World, such as the MiG-21 is able to?
Q: how about Buddy Lase feature?
Q: Can M2000 have A-10C do a buddy lase for them?
Q: How is setting up GBU-12’s laser code resolved in M2000C ?
A: The M-2000C cannot guide laser guided bombs. It lacks the wiring to use a guidance pod like the lantirn. It “trucks” the bombs while another asset, either another aircraft or on the ground, illuminates the target.
If DCS supports “buddy-lase”, and it does, then you will be able to drop GLBs that will be guided by your buddy, either on land or in the air.

Q: Any plan to add MICA missile as a future update?
A: The M-2000C RDI cannot use MICA missiles.

Q: Will the Mirage come with earlier missile types such as the Magic I, R.530, or Super 530F?
A: No. It will only use the weapons it was designed to use: Magic II and Super 530D. Currently it is using the Super530F as a stand-in, but it will be replaced in due time.

Q: Will they change the FM of the 530 Super?
A: Yes. We are working on that alongside ED.

Q: what weapons will be included for A/G?
Q: what type of ordinance will be available?
Q: proper french A-G weapons?
A: The following AG weapons will be available:
a. MK-82
b. MK-82S (Snakeyes)
c. BLG-66 Belouga cluster bomb
d. GBL-12
e. GBL-16
f. GBL-24
g. BAP-100 anti-runway cluster bomb
h. Matra FFRs

Q: Regarding the CCRP bomb release mode, does it look similar to A-10C ?
A: No. The M-2000C has its unique symbology.

Q: We will be able to drop bombs on CCRP mode with the INS?
A: Yes. The CCRP actually needs the INS to function.

Q: Will the RWR be functional when the beta is released?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the Mirage 2000 come with a data link system?
A: No. The M-2000C RDI does not have a data link.

Q: What MFD categories/modes will the M-2000C be capable of displaying?
A: The M-2000C does not have a MFD. It only has a radar screen with basic flight parameters information (attitude, heading, etc.)

Q: Will NVG be included in the Mirage?
Q: I would like to know will the pilot have night optics like the A-10C?
Q: what kind of Visor\goggle look may we expect? Is it modifiable like the A10C mod. Where you can take the visor look and change it to a single lens look.
A: No. The pilots did not use night optics.

Q: Will the mirage be able to be equipped with a runway tailhook and/or parachute?
A: The parachute, but that depends on the info we have. The M-2000C is a small aircraft and many times modules like the parachute or tailhook were dismounted in order to mount something else more important.

Q: Will the Mirage come with the Non-Cooperative Target Recognition mode ?
A: I do not know. If it has one, then yes.

Q2: Will there be an interogate function to identify a radar contact, like in the MiG-21bis?
A: Yes. The RDI radar has IFF functionality incorporated.

Q3: Are there clutters in the RDI simulated (ground clutter, clouds)?
A: Not at this time. All the info we have indicates that such clutter is actually dismissed by the radar.

Q1: Is it possible to programm the chaff/ flare dispenser (maybe with multiple programs), like in the A-10C?
A: Yes, but be aware that chaff and flares are very limited. The M-2000C can carry 112 chaff and only 16 flares.

Q2: Will we have multiple RWR/ ECM modes for different threats, like in the A-10C?
A: No. The RWR does not have multiple modes.

Q: Even if we don’t have aktive guided air-to-air missiles, does the RDI has a TWS mode (for QRA intercepts) or do we have to “hard lock” the contacts?
A: You need to go into STT mode in order to be able to guide weapons. The RDI is not a solid state radar, it has a mechanical antenna that needs to be pointed at a target in order to guide weapons.

Q: What kind of feedback options (if any) will the FBW system provide through the stick, for those of us who are equipped with a force feedback joystick?
A: None considered at this time. Perhaps after Open Beta.

Q: Will you use custom sounds for switches, inverters, warning tones etc. ?
Q: Will sound of aircraft be updated in DCS
Q: Will there be a sonic boom with annex animation and sound?
A: The M-2000C uses its own set of warning tones that are not the same as used by US aircrafts.

Q: Will there be newer models of the 2000 released in the future? (e.g: Mica/exocet capable, or able to equip a TGP?) Or even perhaps the N version for nuclear delivery?
Q: Will we see other versions of the M2000C in the future? Like the more modern M2000C-5?
Q: are you planning (ED/RAZBAM) to make/release the two seater Mirage-2000B trainer version likewise ? (maybe later, if the shared MP cockpit will be available???)
A: Not at this time.

Q: possibilities for cockpit builders, i.e exporting of data, buttons to click etc to use with DCS-BIOS?
A: We have not considered that. We will see after Open Beta. No promises.

Q: Is it possible to save some settings after a cold start (INS alignment for instance) to perform a hot start (example: QRA scramble)?
A: The aircraft has procedures for emergency take-offs. Still, you will have to take some time since the aircraft does not work as easily as climbing into a car and turning the key.

Q: Will the Mirage have a seat adjustment switch like the A10c? They use it in real life when they come in for landing to increase the forward visibility.
A: Yes.

Q: Will the Mirage 2000 come with any supporting french AI units? Such as a french tanker, AI planes or ground units?
Q: Will AI wingmen speak French or English with French accents?
A: I don’t know

Q: what is the “natural” opponent for the M-2000C in DCS World (the MiG-21bis is to old the F-15C is to new)?
A: Any enemy aircraft that challenges it. The aircraft is contemporary with Mig-29s, Mig-31s, Su-27s (to mention the most modern soviet block aircrafts). It can face any threat it meets.

Q: Any chance to see a difference on afterburner colour between day and night like a real life ? ( yellow/orange at day and white/blue at night)
A: Never though of it. Sounds interesting.

Q: With the recent release of DCS 1.5 and upcomming 2.0, will the M2000 be able to demonstrate new effects such as wing shaking or even armed pylons oscillating?
Q: over wing vapor effects?
Q: Are there any features modelled, like icing/ hypoxia?
A: Some will be, some won’t. We don’t have a definitive list at this time.

Q: have you tried oculus rift (at its current state) with M2000C, and if yes, is the radar readable through the rift?
A. No, sorry.


Quick question but dont we have a probe and drouge western tanker?

Yes, I believe it’s the S-3B tanker.
It is US Navy only IIRC, and the 3D model is slightly dated.
So there is indeed no immediate need for an Armée de l’Air KC-135. But still, it would be great to have, eventually.