DCS WWII - 4YA 1-Life Event AAR

The 4YA server hosted a 1-life event today. Here are some screenies of the action.

The first set of screenies is about the flight of Mustangs, which took off and went to contrail height to hunt for 109s. Some tight formation flying and cohesive manoeuvers. Featuring 362nd Andre, 362nd SlickDevel, 101 Marauder, and Ace Wolf.

The second flight was made of Spitfire pilots: 269th Tofu, 269th Ajax, 269th Spanky, 296th Fod UK, and 42sqd Slapbladder. They scramble "Battle of Britain" style.

The third flight was another bunch of Spitties: 332FG DawnSentinel, 332FG Surf, and Chilli.

Some screenies of the fight above Cherbourg, clearing the way for the A-20 bomber wing, featuring Tim Walsh in the Bf.109 and the lads from the 362nd. It's a hard battle. The banged up P-47 of Trofimov barely manages to limp back to a friendly ALG (Advanced Landing Ground).

Merlin and myself are on a different mission: destroying german armored columns south of Cherbourg. In order to do so, "Dodo Flight" has to takeoff from Needs Oar Point and plan a flight across the Channel to strike Cherbourg directly. We link up with Kamraam, a P-47 pilot providing escort for our mission.

As we approach the french coast, we witness the fight going on in the contrails. A chilling sight. We slam the throttles forward, accelerating towards the harbor infested by flak batteries. Merlin calmly calls "Bomb doors open.".

As we cross the harbor, flak rips apart Merlin's left engine, sending him into a vicious spin. I look in horror at the wooden fuselage smashing the water at full speed. Luckily, I make it across the heavily defended fortress and zip past the anti-air batteries. I find a column of burning vehicles: there's my first target. I swing around and start my attack run, my hand gripping the stick shakily.

Bombs away! And... bullseye!

I egress East and start looking for the second target. As a matter of fact... the target finds me: a line of green tracers narrowly misses me. I go for a single pass with guns and cannons, then I run away, not pushing my luck.

Unfortunately, my adventure ends over Beuzeville as I am shot out of the sky by a Bf.109. Dodo Flight is no more. Whew, what a day that was!


Nice one Chuck. Thanks for the write up, love the mossie!

I seem to have pretty bad luck with timing - always missing these events due to other commitments

I’ll at least try to get the top spot in ground kills this month :smiley:


Thanks for this awesome post and the superb screenshots! :smiley:


Welcome to Mudspike @NightOwl ! Do I spot an Anton in your profile picture?


Well there’s supposed to be some form of cult :joy:

Heyho @NightOwl


Welcome to Mudspike @NightOwl. :sunglasses:


Hi @NightOwl I’m kinda new here as well :slight_smile:

There definitely is some sort of secret cult around it :laughing: best warbird! :wink:


Thanks mate! :slightly_smiling_face: and oh yeah, that’s my favourite


I would probably feel the same about the Anton if I gave it a chance. It feels so similar to the Dora.

I love the Dora’s cockpit but am always disappointed in its fragile water-cooled engine, slow climb rate and bad performance at low altitude. I invariably have to put up with the K4’s terrible pit because I can’t go without the insane performance.

But I very rarely fly the warbirds so I shouldn’t add another hangar queen.

On topic: the 1-life event looks very interesting!

Nice. Yeah, the 1 life thing makes a difference.