DCS Yak-52

Jeez, what sort of flight sim forum is this, such old news now! Just saw this breaking news on TV :wink:

Post explaining the aircraft and the reasons for it being.


Announcing DCS: Yak-52
We are pleased to announce a new DCS World aircraft that is currently well into development: the Yakovlev Yak-52. This is an outgrowth of a professional, training project that we are also bringing to you.

Nice, I guess.


LOL. “You didn’t ask and we delivered!”

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Wow…where’d that come from? Day One buy for me though if it could be part of some sort of career mode. Personally, I’d kill for a character building sim within the sim - start as a primary flight guy in the Yak, then L-39, then ? Su-25UTG (LOL…I had to)…


Doesn’t even take that much squinting…

Jokes aside, I’ll probably get this to applaud the risk for trying something new. civy planes is something I’d really like to see and I hope this is a first of many. And judging by its stats, it’s fairly similair to a 172 perfomance wise.

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Well…ok. If you like training planes, more power to you. Just feels like FSX to me. I never flew the trainers in SF/SF2 either, but I did install them to be targets or just populate the world. :slight_smile:

Radial engine prop I think - might be handy to help with some WWII future bits.

Dcs Choctaw maybe?

The DCS Yak-52 started as a privately funded flight training device. There are a huge amount of them flying around on a civilian register, and they are rather quirky with their russian style handlebar brake system. Having a good quality PC based FTD for people to try out the somewhat peculiar russian systems, will be a godsend for many civilian pilots who maybe don’t get as much stick time as they would like, to feel confident. In the civilian general aviation world, the Yak-52 is considered high performance and advanced (compared to a Cessna 150 or a Piper PA28 anyway :wink: ), with its retracts and constant speed (or is it variable pitch?) prop.

And DCS lack a primary trainer for that career mode @BeachAV8R is talking about.

Another bonus could be that it will appeal to a lot of civilian sim flyers. And as we know, we could use a few hundred thousands of them to join the combat flightsim genre, to split the bill with us :wink:

D1B for me!


Nice! I hope the pricing is reasonable though. Pretty neat to see this expansion of the fleet!

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I think it will be nice to fly sightseeing tours in Nevada and Normandy, even the caucasus when it gets its treatment. I am enjoying the civilian flying in Xplane and since I operate a rotarywing taxi in most DCS flying SP and MP I imagine it will be very similar if somewhat faster :slight_smile:

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I am sure it is a nice little aircraft but I won’t get it for the same reason I didn’t get the L-39. There are way too many aircraft in DCS to spend my time on those I don’t have a particular interest in.

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Nice! Radial Warmup for The Jug? radial


Wait till there is a mod to drop handgrenades out of the cockpit, bet you get it then :slight_smile: WWI styleea-german-fighter-plane-loads-up-with-hand-grenades-before-a-mission-g3b112



The YAK,
Started as A Privately Funded Project for a Client (Likely a Flight School or Company of that sort), to allow Potential Pilots to fly the Aircraft without risking any lives.

Basically ED/TFC Was given permission to Commercialize the Product by the company that funded it.

This is NOT the first Aircraft to be brought to DCS in such fashion (P-51)

That was the fighter collection themselves, that wanted the pony, right?

Also, the A-10C started out as a professional contract.

Yes, TFC,

And Yes A-10C was done for the USAF as “A-10C Desktop Trainer”.


If that’s what it takes to get a good radial simulation, so be it.

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I’ll probably buy it. It looks like it could be fun to fly in VR. Plus, I currently have every module so I guess I just want it all ;).

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