DCSW 2.0 radio mods?

Aee there any? I remember TARS being a struggle, and I dont think its even supported anymore. (Actually i think figuring out TARS was how I met @EinsteinEP)

I remember there was another one maybe in development, that had a ground radio component too, or atc or something…

Only one I know of is ARES, and I only know that by name, not how it works or how well it works.

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Yeah i think that was the one i was thinking of, just couldn’t remember the name. I wish there was something easy like BMS IVC (relatively speaking, ha!), It really helps with the immersion when playing with friends.

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No doubt. I’m not the biggest overall Falcon fan, but I do love IVC.

Aries Airborne Radio is what you’re looking for. The latest version works with 1.5 and 2.0. It’s very cool.