DCSW: Barthek Textures 6.5 released!

Hey guys!
Barthek has released his Caucasus texture pack v.6.5

IMO it looks awesome, quality is comparable to Starway’s work. Just… different somehow. Hard to describe.
Anyway, you can get it from Lockonfiles:

He hasn’t touched the buildings yet (like Starway did) but he has plans for that in the future as well.

EDIT: Huh. Someone linked it in the ED forums as well (if you read this, thank you! Otherwise I would have missed it) but I can’t find the thread right now…
EDIT: I think it was deleted, my post counter also decreased. Strange, I don’t understand why, since I am pretty sure it is legal. I’ll ask a moderator as soon as one is online. I wish they wouldn’t do that, it feels a bit like dementia every time, you are sure you read something and even replied and then it is gone without a trace. I mean, it is their forums and they can do what they want there, but it is still confusing.

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Ok, so because I promised it: ED doesn’t like that he is asking for donations, that’s why references and links to his textures are not allowed. That’s ok I guess, topic closed for me.

As for the textures:
After seeing some more pics I think what I like most about them is the fields. Starway’s fields look great as well, but the rapeseed fields in Barthek’s spring are really gorgeous.
I also like those mountains, they are top notch.
And of course the winter textures with that thick white blanket over everything, I love that.

What about y’all? Starway? Barthek? TJacob? A mix? Mustangs mod as well?

Uuuh. This starts to get hairy… I’m sticking to Vanilla for the time being.

I haven’t really decided yet, either.
I guess there will be changes to the textures with 2.5 anyway, so all of those texture packs might stop working then.
I am a bit disappointed that Starway couldn’t go the “official DLC” way. That would have made it easier. I would have preferred that over unofficial mods, regardless of their quality.
When 2.5 is released I guess all of them will re-do their mods for even more awesomeness to choose from, and then I will decide I think.