(DDCS)Dynamic DCS, True Unpredictable Perpetual War (MP)

Looks interesting, is someone playing? Whats the main diferences to Blue Flag?


interesting indeed.

Well if its anything like blue flag then, the more the merrier. Gives me somewhere else to go after all my lives are lost in blue flag :wink:

As for the videos, its hard to tell.

Seems similar in design to blue flag. Its possibly a tad more lenient on respawns.

Not using srs, but discord instead… not sure how i feel about that, but hey-ho.
Nice to see actual sling loading. Blue flag simulates loads but not actually sling loading it. Though what i saw in the video looked a bit … funky :thinking:

Spawning your own string of vehicles seems like a good idea. However with everyone spawning up to 7 plus pre-spawned base defences, interesting to see how the server handles it.
Blue flag you can spawn vehicles, but its limited to totals per side instead of per person.

As for capturing, from what i can gather, it entails getting rid of enemy assets and putting yours there. Car, tank infantry… any of them. Blue flag is only infantry can capture ensuring helos are always needed on the front line.

But looks good. I think the lack of srs and the reliance on discord is my only gripe with it.


If it’s discord they’re rocking, I don’t come-a-knocking. #SRS4lyfe


SRS, i have to admit, is the ducks nuts… the bees knees… the dogs bollox


Drifting off topic, but I really enjoy it as well. I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks now and it’s great. I’d love it if ED worked out a deal to integrate it into the base game instead of as a third party mod.

The lack of voice comms in DCS has been a gripe of mine for a while.


^ YES ^

Alright, after playing on this server for about 3 hours, my eyes are bloodshot and the froth around my mouth has dried.


  1. Nobody really uses Simple Radio :frowning_face: Most people use the Discord. Your mileage will vary based on who happens to be the GCI.
  2. The mission is absolutely pushing the boundaries of what DCS can handle- expect your F10 map to break frequently.
  3. Air-to-air is pretty sweet, Air-to-ground seems pretty scattered though, especially compared to BlueFlag. BlueFlag used to have ‘missions’ you could accept to attack static ground targets and facilities. That would be nice- seems like most A2G is ‘roam and kill’ now.
  4. Not sure I understand how lives work- you get a certain number of ‘life points’ and different planes cost different amounts.
  5. You’re not locked to one team per conflict like Blue Flag which allows teams to be more balanced- there’s fewer instances where it feels like one team has a 3-to-1 numerical advantage.

All -in-all? Pretty fun solo. @near_blind and I are going to do some tag-team CAPs Sunday and I bet it’s going to be great. Perhaps we can rekindle some of the fire we saw in the BlueFlag thread a few months ago!


Can confirm! Just cleaned house on REDFOR CAP with @near_blind, @klarsnow, and @Bogusheadbox.

If you have a fraction of interest, I highly encourage you to drop into Mudspike teamspeak sometime. The water’s great. :slight_smile: