Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator Trailer

Finally the trailer is here.

Was keeping my eye on it since Flightsim con last year.


Definitely on my list as well.

Added to my wishlist :slight_smile:

Bloody heck. BLOODY HECK!
Music, engine, trailer all is absolutely top notch. :smiley: Amazing job.

That looks awesome!

twiddles fingers in anticipation :hugs:

I do hope it will support VR!

If you have to show the video in fast forward to give a sense of speed, I’m out.

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hubba hubba! vr?

Good question…I hope so!

There are several questions about VR support, at their Steam store page. So far, no answers…


I reeeeally hope this is getting VR support!
Did they say anything about that? Had to watch w/o sound.

Their technology is cool!