Death From Above - GrayFlag Syria ( PVE Multiplayer Server )

I would like to do a little advertising for DFA’s public multiplayer server.
It is a new PVE(P) server with dynamic frontlines and excellent scripting (Grimes).

Here is the link to the how-to-play:
How-To-Play(Google Docs)

I fly almost exclusively there and have no major lags or performance issues even from Europe. The server is continuously being improved and optimized.

A second mission on PG is in the making.


Looks cool, what’s the plane set?

All modern blue jets are available + (F15, SU25) and all helicopters.

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Brilliant, thanks.

This looks great and maybe something we could plan too try as a group from Mudspike


yup, we are not that young anymore to wait any longer for Strike Fighters 2 multiplayer :rofl: :wink:

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