Decision making, checklists, and communication

Pretty good video of a Swiss Air A340 having one of their engines starting to go south and the crew coordination to deal with it…



Is that an exercise or a real emergency?
(can’t watch the video right now)

A real emergency. I think they were filming one of those “ride along” flight deck videos that are popular for aircraft enthusiasts and there just happened to be an emergency during the filming.

My favorite part is the comment that turning power off to the galley would be a “real disaster”…LOL…I think that was how I heard that…

Man, swiss german is weird - cool - but weird!

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I couldn’t tell if it was sat comms or a company vhf frequency they were using, but its good help to be able to chat to engineering. I like that they were able to do that.

Interesting to watch, not sure if the coffee and chocolate was used as an ice breaker, but there is always time for good swiss chocolate.

Mmmmm yummy

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@Krautwald, you’re not kidding. Having grown up with Bavarian and Austrian family, my ears are very, very confused watching this video.

Ok, watched it now.
Pretty cool pilots, very professional.

Being from southern Germany I could understand most of the things they were saying. But their dialect is still VERY funny. :smiley:

As a dane, anything south of Frankfurt starts sounding weird to me :slight_smile:

Yeah, we call that line the “Weißwurstäquator”, because the area where language starts to increasingly deviate from the sounds northerners can decipher coincides with the area in which the white sausage becomes increasingly popular with people.

LOL, there is even an english wiki entry for it! :smiley:


Hilarious! As an aside, I did not know there were special ways to eat Weißwurst - It does not sound very appealing :weary:

Actually the real divide is around Arlberg, the people of Switzerland and Vorarlberg are not part of the bayuvarian influenced dialects like most of Austria and Southern Germany